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Here you will find powerful prayers for success in many different scenarios that can impact our lives and that Our Lord wants us to be.

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It has been said that one of the worst things that can happen to you is that you are successful before you are ready to be successful. Football and music, among others, are full of people whose lives were destroyed (or worse, ended prematurely) because they found success through remarkable talent. However, their character was unable to cope with the effects of stardom.

So, as we pray for success, we ask that our character and the talents God has given us may mature and grow together, so that we may fully enjoy success when we get there, and not be crushed by it.

Success, as the Bible defines it is not necessarily fame or wealth. On the contrary, it is when we are fully alive, when we are reaching the potential for which God created us. Further down this page, there is a general prayer for success, as well as prayers to do well in exams and business, and some Bible verses from the Old and New Testaments.

Prayer for success in personal life

Heavenly Father, I come to you today because I want to seek Your will for my life โ€“ send me signs of my way.

Lord, I want to succeed in what I do and dedicate myself, and today I place the desires of my heart before You and ask that in Your grace You give me birth and the source of wisdom.

I pray that You will send me the plans for my life in a way that is better for me to learn how I will succeed.

Guide me, Lord, on the path of this earth by your choice of what gifts and opportunities to follow, I place before you the hopes and dreams of my heart, which I would very much like to fulfill, begging you to guide me.

I ask this in the name and glory of the Lord Jesus!


Prayer for success in professional life

Holy Spirit, I know that all good energies come from You, not only in the vastness of the universe but also in my so simple life. Help me to plan my future career with care and wisdom, and so I can follow the path with virtues, honor, and victories.

Show me on this day how to give the best of myself and not dodge what is arduous, but willingly fulfill all the duties and responsibilities of the life path with your protection graciously and judiciously.

Rule my actions, protect my tongue, bless my efforts, guide my decisions, and help me to produce the best that I can be, so that in my life and career I can honor Your name.

I pray for success, God!

Thank you for your love at this time. Amen!

Pray for success at work

Glorious St. Joseph, Glorious St. Gabriel, Holy Archangel, models of all those who dedicate themselves to work, obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously, placing the call of duty above my many sins.

To work happily and with gratitude, considering it an honor to employ and develop, through work, the gifts received from the infinite source of God.

To work with order, peace, prudence, and patience, without ever surrendering to tiredness or difficulties.

To work, above all, with the purity of intention and with detachment from oneself. I have always had a negative part before my eyes and the account that I must make time be lost, the talents wasted, the gifts omitted, the vain complacency in the success so fatal to the work of God.

All for Jesus! All for Mary! All according to your example, O Patriarch Joseph and Angel Gabriel. That will be my motto in life and death.


Prayer for success in business

All I have is your Father God, and in this prayer, I want to offer the work of my hand. In essence, I want to provide my business plans and ask you to employ integrity and honesty in my business, the values, and paths that come only from you.

May the work of my hands be full of victories and may I, be fruitful in all that I do โ€“ but I also pray that you will keep me humble in the expression of the spirit, knowing that all that I believe and have comes from you โ€“ and that without You I can do nothing.

Guide me with love in this prayer, and I will succeed in my business plans and everything I honor in your name.


Prayer for success in exams

Dear Lord Jesus! You know that I am very anxious about the exams I am about to face, and I am asking you to calm my troubled thoughts and still this anguish that I have.

I pray that as I enter to take the exam, you will fill my heart with perfect peace, with clarity of thought and encouragement in my mind to remember everything I have studied.

I pray that you will give me wisdom and the ability to transfer my thoughts about the role of the exam.

Give me the grace to the eyes of the exam board, and may they be wise and fair in evaluating my function and actions.

I pray that You will grant me success in my exams and that in the future, You will guide me in the best way.

Thank you!


Success mantra

I believe in my abilities, and I achieve my goals with ease. I live my life with work, dedication, prosperity, serenity, and divine harmony at my side and with the whole universe.

I thank as a son of God all that I am and all that I have. I know that the power of consciousness is unlimited and infinite and is together with my faith everywhere.

So be it!

(Read three times every day)

What to pray for if you want to be successful

What makes someone at the top of their profession lose control of all this?

I think one person was right when he said, โ€œSuccess will take you beyond what the character can maintain.โ€

Whether you are a professional athlete, the manager of a company, or an employee wanting to rise in the hierarchy, the character is essential.

As you probably noticed, success does not ease the demands on us. It only intensifies them. To deal with this stress, you need more than talent or intellect.

Character is the strength to do what is right, no matter the cost. Without that crucial trait, we are tempted to cut costs, lie, cheat, or even steal to progress. But life is unsustainable under these conditions. Eventually, everything you have worked to achieve can fall to the ground.

In short, it takes more than talent, skill, and hard work to lead a successful life. You need character, too.

Donโ€™t pray for comfortable lives; pray to be a stronger person.


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