Student's Prayer

Calm down, for, with these strong prayers for desperate students, you will count on the Lord's help to pass any difficult test.

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In these difficult and bad student times is when we most need prayer to the Lord to help us calm our anxieties, learn to use our intelligence and teachings. These prayers are so that people can pay attention in class, in the teachers, in the subjects, calmly do the tests, and proper use of memory in their study.

Pray the test or the student’s prayer to stay calm, as well as the prayer before you study.

As a hint, you can light a white candle on the day of the exam on a saucer for your Guardian Angel.

Prayer for a desperate student

Glorious Jesus Christ, protector of the students, I beg your help, to keep my academic strength intact, to intercede for me in the face of these bad moments. I pray to God, our Lord, that he may pour his intelligence and wisdom into my life.

Lord, guide my path in all circumstances in the academic field and help me in the same way you have helped others advance their goals.

Lord, be my source of wisdom and inspiration all day long, at all times, both good and bad. If I am desperate, intercede for me before our heavenly father so that he may light my path.

Always be my refuge, and I beg you, as a good Christian, to enlighten my intellectual development, so that in this way, I may strengthen and discipline my way of thinking. Train me for all categories of academic activities to crown my studies, that I can devote myself to texts and books.

Lord! I ask you to give me the intelligence to understand, to be able to retain, thirst, joy, methods, and skills to learn, to have the answer, ability to interpret, fluency to express myself, and guide me to progress and inner perfection, every day of life.


Prayer to go well on the test

Great St. Joseph of Cupertino, who benefits the students! Advises me, enlightens me, guides me, blesses me, and helps me in the bad moments of my studies, puts in my mind the wisdom to learn and advance in life.

Lord, I beg your help! Infuse me the necessary wisdom to face those trials that I consider more difficult to overcome, do not let me give up my attempt to overcome.

St. Joseph, lend me your hands, to do my test and your eyes to see those data hidden among so many letters. Your ears to listen attentively to each word of my master and your mind to help me understand and obtain better answers.

Lord, you who are the creator of everything, give me your wisdom. You who have seen how I have worked so hard to get here, you who have accompanied me on so many nights of study. I have always put my faith in you to give me your help.

Enter my student mind like relaxing music, hold my hands, my eyes, my ears, and my mouth so that I don’t write anything wrong. So that I don’t see anything, so that I don’t hear anything and don’t say anything if it’s not for you, fill me with your light and help me in this time so important to me.


Prayer to pass the test

With the permission of Father, I appeal to all saints and spirits who were watching the path of education, guiding me in the next exam, to fill me with light and knowledge.

Saint Joseph of Cupertino and Thomas Aquinas, who at that time were faithful believers in education and protectors of all disadvantaged students!

I ask my God to support me in my studies. In good times and bad, as in many other opportunities, and to make me eloquent, as my partners. To instruct me and infuse me the grace of his blessing so I may emerge victorious from this exam that I am about to undertake.

I ask the saints to give me their perception of understanding and that in my mind, everything becomes clear as water. To provide me with methods to interpret all these confusing things that they can have in my evaluation and help me to pass the test without any problem.



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