Prayer to strengthen your faith in God

Are you feeling faithless, downcast, alone, or in difficulty? It is time to say this prayer to strengthen and increase your faith and believe in God.

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Prayers to strengthen faith

There are times in our lives when we feel downcast, overwhelmed, frustrated, and we believe that we cannot endure or get out of the bad situation we are going through – times when we need prayer to strengthen and find in the Lord’s faith.

Although it is sometimes difficult to understand the messages the Holy Ghost sends us, we must learn to trust Him and accept His designs. Trust that He never abandons us and that everything that happens to us leaves us with teachings.

The Lord does not forget us, even if we sometimes feel that He is distant. He will not abandon us, so we must not fail to trust in His mercy. Seek prayer, light, and grace.

Father will do beautiful things in your life, but to do so, it is imperative not to lose faith and learn that He acts at the right time.

Therefore, we must have our faith, our hope, and ask Jesus Christ not to abandon us. By keeping our faith in Him, we can see His power manifest in our lives because through them. We strengthen our ties with the creator of the universe.

Prayer to strengthen faith and hope is the best way to communicate with the Holy Spirit, so it is important to know His word because, through it, we can believe in our great faith.

Pray on this day and always!

Prayer to strengthen and increase faith in God

Lord, in this moment of desolation and sadness, I come to you with humility to ask you to intercede for me. Free me from this disturbing fear, increase my faith and confidence.

I believe in You, my God, but I must have and believe in faith and hope. You are infinitely wise, and you know better than I what suits me. You are powerful Lord, let my trust in You be steady, higher, and my life more and more blessed. Increase my faith, Holy Spirit!

Make me always have a firm heart, much love, like a more excellent knowledge of spirituality. Increase my faith in my heart, Christ!

Teach me, Father, to discover your love through the people you have put on my path, to always lead my life according to your will, because only your God has the power to do it. Do not abandon me, Lord, in the temptations of the world, in the weaknesses and doubts that I feel. Increase my faith Holy Spirit with this prayer!

I have full confidence in you because you are God and the greatest savior of the universe, no one better than you, to show me spirituality on this day, when, and what path to follow. Therefore, I ask you not to forget to increase my faith, the Holy Spirit, my hope, and to give peace and love to my heart.

Increase my faith on this day, Holy Spirit! Amen!

Act of Faith

I firmly believe that there is only one God in three genuinely distinct persons, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I think that the Son of God became man, suffered, and died on the cross to save us, and on the third day, he rose again. I believe in everything else that believes and teaches the Roman Catholic Church of Christ, because God, infallible truth, revealed it to her. In this belief, as in this knowledge, I want to live and die. By the Spirit!

Lord, increase my faith!


πŸ“ƒ Author Father Reginaldo Manzotti


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