Prayer to Saint Solomon

If you are looking for a little peace or attracting money, invoke King Solomon, who can help you regain this balance that you are so looking for.

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Prayers to St. Solomon

😇 Solomon - The Wise King

King Solomon’s prayer is very strong; it will help you with the power of attraction and will never allow you to be disturbed by other people in your life.

By invoking King Solomon, you will see that everything will improve for you, you have to have a little faith and patience. He will help you to have economic peace of mind and attract the money you need so much, only by invoking him.

Not only that, but he will also support you so that you can find your ideal partner, the one you so longed for, and finally have emotional fulfillment. Pray the prayer to Saint Solomon with faith.

Prayer to St. Solomon to tame a man

King Solomon, get all those people who hurt me out of my life. I beg you that you may control them and give me protection and peace of mind.

Do not forsake me, please, be my guide on this long thorny path I have to walk. I only want these thorns to become beautiful roses, my beloved Solomon, by breaking the forces of the beloved person (name).

Please, I ask you to break the barriers of the person (so-and-so), who brings me so much negative energy.

Cover me with your holy mantle of mysteries and wisdom and defend me with your beautiful sword, St. Solomon, so that no one will be against me and harm me. Please don’t allow it. I only know that you can do it.

I need to find the light at the end of the way with the announcement to your spirits and increase my religiosity and love in me for God; I ask a little cry for this servant.

Give light to my function in this world, protect my health.


Prayer to St. Solomon for wealth

It attracts to my life, the incredible energy of money, this should not be lacking in my life, I need this support to sustain the demands of my family.

I beg you to help me to overcome all the difficulties that I am going through at the moment.

Bring prosperity back to me as well as to my family. I know that we are hardworking people and will be successful, but we need your support, and the claws of the lion, to get on with this task.

This prayer is a way to ask you for prosperity, how to increase the power of knowledge and work, and thus satisfy all material needs. You know that money is needed in several areas.

I am confident that you will help me, in the name of Jesus Christ, to use your sympathies to find the way so that you can achieve prosperity and economic peace in those times of need.

Prayer to St. Solomon for love

This prayer is to increase love for me, just as I am also asking you to help me to have the strength to bring the beloved person into my life, whom I need so much. Do not let anyone take away my illusion of finding the love of my life and keep it with me for any time.

Only you know when I need a life partner, who knows how to respect and value me as I am, to become a faithful but loving husband (wife).

May we have friendship for each other, be good lovers, and may our relationship be ideal. Please do not abandon me or my cause, beloved divinity.

Never let others dismantle the relationships of our family that has the covenant of love. I ask you on my knees because I need peace and happiness at this moment, O great Solomon!

I have faith that your mighty and strong hand will be able to give me what I so desperately need, I have no way, and I can no longer do it alone.

I need you to guide me on the right path of love because I want to do the right thing, help me wise St. Solomon.


How to make a request to the wise King

Never forget to say your wish, to this incredible King, with much faith when you need him, he is mighty and will be there for you. That way, everything in your life will go better, but you have to be honest with yourself, and everything will work out fine.

If you’d instead make an offering with candles on this day, to this protector, and then say the prayers.

Be sure to ask him whenever you need to learn to pray. Pray and ask St. Solomon never to lack anything, and don’t let others make you have doubts or feel inferior to them.


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