Prayer to Saint Sara Kali

Saint Sarah Kali is the patron saint of the Gypsy people and exiles. She is the one to pray for prosperity, health, love, and long life.

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πŸ˜‡ St. Sarah Kali - Sarah the Black, Kali Sara
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This is a prayer that can be said daily. It can help you to guide your life with love, health, and financial prosperity.

Saint Sarah Kali, is a mysterious figure, for it is difficult to find information about her, but her miracles are undeniable.

Legend has it that Sarah Kali was one of the servants of the Three Marys and that she lived with Jesus Christ until his crucifixion.

She gained recognition after her death, thanks to miracles reported by women who longed to become pregnant but could not get pregnant.

His blue scarf symbolizes purity and integration with the Divine.

Finally, she attends to all who need her, choose and pray to Saint Sarah Kali.

Prayer to Saint Sarah Kali for love

You, Sara Kali, who is in heaven, look at your children who are on earth.

May your cloak envelop us at this moment, apart from sorrows, sickness, envy, and grief.

May Sara grant us health, happiness, harmony, prosperity, love, faith, and peace of mind.

Take my hand, and like a kind mother who looks at a child, lead me to the paths I must walk and never leave me on the roads of the world.

Saint Sarah, may I be worthy of your love and protection, bless my family, friends and also my enemies, so that they may distance themselves from me, and no longer direct me any harm.

Let me kiss your hands, may I be your blessed son in prayers forever and ever.


Prayer to Saint Sarah Kali for money

Sara, beloved mistress,

Bless our money,

For it to multiply

Just like Jesus

It multiplied the fish.

That every coin and note

Be a thousand in my hands.

Thank you, my beloved, Sara!

I AM the money I need!

I AM (repeat three times)

Prayer to Saint Sarah Kali for prosperity

Opocha, Opocha, my Saint, considered and known protector of the gypsy clans of this land or the tomb beyond!

Mother of all gypsies and protector of gypsy carriages!

I pray, invoking your power, that my heart may slow down and take away the anguish you have placed at my feet. Saint Sarah, help me these days!

Open the ways to God’s faith in your miraculous power.

You have overcome the evil, the trials, all the storms of your history, and walked the roads that Christ walked.

Mother of mysteries and who gives gypsies the gift of magic, strengthen me now, whether I am a gypsy or not.

Kind Saint Sarah, slow down the lions who roar to devour me and frighten away perverse souls so that they cannot see me.

Enlighten my sadness so that happiness may come.

Queen, you crossed the waters of the rivers and the sea and did not sink. I invoke your power lest I fall in the boat of the ocean of life.

Saint Sarah, I am sinful, sad, suffered, and bitter.

Bring me the strength and courage that you give to the Gypsy people your protections.

Nothing can be done in a Gypsy tent without first invoking your name, and I do it at my request, Saint Sarah.

The violins play, the coins fall, the women dance barefoot around the fire, the strong smell of Gypsy perfumes comes, the palms clapping and praising.

May the Gypsy people bring me riches, peace, love, and victory.

Now and always, will I praise your success!

Opcoha, Opocha St Sara!

Prayer to Saint Sara Kali, protector of the Gypsy

My Holy Mother, Sara!

Mother and queen of the gypsies of this land!

You who protect the caravans of your people!

I invoke your sublime powers,

To soften my heart and remove the anguish.

Mighty, it removes all the evil and storms from my life.

Gypsy of the mysteries that have been bestowed upon the gypsy peoples!

The donor of music and dance, you who help in the vision

And the gifts of magic mysteries.

It gives me the strength to conquer,

The roaring lion who wishes to devour me.

Saint of the dissipation of the evil souls around me!

Holy Queen, may the waters of rivers and seas not drown me.

I humbly evoke your powers, may I not sink into the depths of the sea.

Bring me courage and strength,

Just like that of your people, the gypsy.

Perfume my body with rose oils and give it to me,

Love for the joy of dance and music.

May the spirits of the gypsies bless me with wealth, peace, love, and victory.

Now and forever, I will praise your name.

Hail St. Sara Kali.

Opocha, opocha, ole’!

How to make your request to Saint Sarah Kali

St. Sarah, Sara-la-Kali, has its veneration center in Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer. A place of pilgrimage in the Camargue, in the south of France. On May 24th, her statue is ritually taken to the sea.

Within Spiritism, the Commission of the Gypsies is a tribe of spirits that many of us have as spiritual guides.

Gypsies are traditionally associated with divination, horoscope, sympathies, protection, travel, love, and good luck.


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