Prayer to Saint Monica

Saint Monica is the mother of men; if she needs prayer for rebellious children, alcoholics, or for passions, pray with spirituality to achieve grace.

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint Monica
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Saint Monica of Hippo is the patron saint of mothers and wives. Thatโ€™s why the prayer to Saint Monica is powerful.

She is venerated worldwide as the exemplary model of a Christian mother that all Catholic women should become because, in life, she lived the severe suffering caused by her adulterous husband and his son.

This noble mother dedicated her life to God and his teachings, practicing compassion for those most in need, especially mothers who were left alone or who suffered for their loved ones who were touched by evil or sin.

If you need a prayer for your child who is recently behaving in a rebellious and violent way, or if you need a prayer to recover love in your family, donโ€™t hesitate to resort to one of the following prayers for Saint Monica, which we leave below.

Prayer to Saint Monica for the rebellious children

Holy Monica, a blessed mother who shows the women of the Christian faith the way to follow. You are my example in all the steps I have taken, and it was your example that taught me to be the best version of myself that I can be.

I know that you answer prayers under challenging cases and, unfortunately, today I come for my soul, to request on this day.

My son is extremely rebellious, and I am afraid that he is being influenced by the devil, who forces him to disobey and approach sin.

The people he considers very friendly are nothing more than representations of evil that want to take him away from the path of God and the Church, to become another sinner.

I ask him not to allow my son to be conquered by evil, rebellion, anger, and lust.

You are the exemplary mother I follow by example, because your teachings are loyal to God, the Great Mary, and the Pope.

So I ask and pray in the rosary, that you guide me on the right path to correct the disloyal attitudes towards Christ that my son is having.

Allow, Saint Monica, the conversion of the son to a man of good manners, guided by the footsteps of God that I taught him when he was young. It reminds him of his place and takes away all the evil influence where it hurts us so much.


Prayer to Saint Monica for alcoholics

Saint Monica, mother of all men on earth, who with her divine protection takes from evil, sin, and the devil!

Daughter of God, who dedicated her life to the care of her family and suffered in her flesh, the demons hidden in the vices of men!

You knew how to rise from adversity and, when you reached heaven, you helped those most in need of shelter and motherly compassion.

Vices are the representation of the evil demon, you already know. But there is one that mainly turns people into ruthless beings and brings its darkest and darkest side, as is alcohol.

Most Holy Virgin, I beg you to protect all alcoholics. Help them to rediscover themselves and God, to discover the path and behavior of healing through your words, through the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ.

Keep them, Saint Monica, away from use and any addiction that might harm them. Make them feel bad to drink a sip of alcohol, so they never go near it again.

Show them that life is beautiful and with joys that can be enjoyed to the full without the need for alcohol. Accompany them on the road to full recovery.


Prayer to Saint Monica for love

God Almighty! His power manifests itself to men in many ways. You have made the faith that we have spread all over the planet, to our brothers and sisters, and taught us to have confidence in your saints.

Today I ask you, God, to keep St. Monica always blessed, an example of a Christian mother of conviction.

Saint Monica, today I speak with an open heart to receive all her compassion because I feel that I miss the feeling of hope and that my environment has become dark and sad.

The love I felt around me seems to have ended. Now I only notice the difficulties, the doubts, the anger, and the rage of people around me and the world in general.

I ask you to recover the missing link of perseverance and peace in all men because we are your devoted children.

Open our eyes to the truth and show us that the problems of the world can be solved if we do it all with passion and patience.

Eliminate from us any negative influence that could lead us to fights, wars, betrayals, and lies. Only with your light can we be saved, just as God saved you.

Give us the gift of loving without seeing whom, of forgiving and healing.


Novena to St. Monica and St. Augustine

Saint Monica and Saint Augustine, lead me to sincere conversion.


Oh, Saint Monica, who through prayer and tears has achieved the conversion of your son and your husband from God, look at my bitter heart. I now pray for this person who causes so much discomfort and suffering to my heart and all my family.

(Name this person for whom you pray)

Saint Monica, may your prayers join mine to move the Good God, so that He, the living and true God, may enable this person for whom I pray to return to the right path. Saint Monica, make the Father in Heaven call this prodigal son back to his fatherโ€™s house. Give me this joy, and I will be forever grateful.

Let us pray

Oh God, the consoler of the afflicted, the health of those who wait for You, who have mercifully accepted the pious tears of Blessed Mother Monica for the conversion of her son Augustine and her husband Patricia, grant us through Your Intercession, that we may weep for our sins and find the indulgence of Your grace.

Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, in the unity of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Saint Augustine, pray for us!

Saint Monica, intercede for us!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Father Reginaldo Manzotti

How to make your order to Saint Monica

She only seeks our well-being and our joy, so listen attentively to all the prayers that you make in her name and that come from respect and humility.

Ask with honesty, understanding, and goodness, and you will see that she will answer your prayers.

Do the above novena, and you will be answered.


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