Prayer to Saint Mark of Lion

Say one of these powerful prayers to St. Mark of Lion, to bring person, to bind, impossible love, to tame people, and defend yourself from enemies.

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πŸ˜‡ St. Mark of Lion
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Choose one of the prayers to St. Mark of Lion, the patron saint of peace and dominion, to help you in everything you need to control a person or situation that is causing you problems.

There are situations in life where we need to tame or control certain men and women around us, no matter how unpleasant it may seem to some.

If this is your case, use the prayers of St. Mark to solve your problems.

Prayer to St. Mark of Lion to bring back love

Great St. Mark of Lion, you have been able to manipulate the dragon and subdue him to your will.

I implore you with words, for the power of spirit and powerful prayer to St. Mark of Lion, asking you to equip me with the necessary tools to bring me the person I love and that he never leaves my side. (say the name of the person you want).

You, you are a powerful and peaceful saint, you are the reason for the strength and much faith in this heart, please come to calm my heart and bring love back, as soft and humble as a lamb and may it stay forever.

I know that with your powers, and the hand in me of Jesus Christ, I will be able to have him with me every day of my life, so that I can drink the happiness beside someone.

It is so great what I feel for this person that I want to hear his voice coming to me and telling me how much he loves me and that he will never leave me. However, for that, I need you both to give me the powerful light and the necessary wisdom.

I don’t know what actions to take to bring love back into my arms and to ask me to marry him, but I say this prayer, and I know that you have this knowledge.

Make the addresses of your strength in my heart!


Prayer to St. Mark of Lion for binding love

I feel a love burning in my chest just by mentioning the name of the person I want.

That is why I pray to you, St. Mark of Lion, to help me tie my beloved, my husband (name of the person who desires to tame heart).

I have done everything to retain that beautiful being who fills my life with light, sympathy, harmony, and joy. However, now I have been feeling him further away from my home.

I ask you, my Saint, to use your powers and sympathies to bind him without him noticing or feeling the despair to keep him close to me.

This is what leads me to ask you in my belief, my powerful saint, I need you to make the divine and mighty gift of love and dominion shine in my soul and body.

That is what I want most, and you would make me very happy if you would support me in this challenging task that I have set myself. Jesus Christ slows down my enemies to protect me.

I know it won’t be easy to bind love forever, but I know that with the support, I will have courage and success.

Calm the (name) husband.

Word of God! Amen!

Prayer to St. Mark of Lion for an impossible love

Love may seem impossible in the eyes of others, but to you, St. Mark of the Lion, there is nothing impossible.

You have demonstrated this with your incredible feats, religiosity, teachings such as inspiring words and strategies of dominion over others, especially with fierce animals.

You who have an enormous capacity to generate incredible changes in the minds and hearts of human beings, I ask you to do your grace with the person who steals my sleep every night.

Thought Owners and Mighty Rulers, let me see all the power you have over the living and the dead, to help me with whom I love and who is my companion.

Heart of Jesus Christ! Amen!

Prayer to St. Mark of Lion to tame a man

The art of taming and mastering is something that you, Saint Mark of Lion, so mark me with all your wisdom and light so that I can use energies of good and can apply those tools and achieve all that I propose with the people close to me.

It is tiring to have to take care of everything because nobody supports me or helps me, so I ask for the power of the cross of St. Mark to resist and be healthy.

It is not a question of manipulating people at my will, although I confess that I do not dislike the idea at all.

It is about being able to take concrete decisions at the right time, without being hindered by the foolishness of some against the adverse action taken.

This is what leads me to insist and ask you to calm my heart and that you grant me the gift of conviction in the content and persuasion that you have been endowed with since birth and that you have used brilliantly.


Prayer to St. Mark of Lion against enemies

Mighty Saint, St. Mark of the Lion, you have faced the unthinkable and overcome all the adversities that have presented themselves to you, which has not made anyone doubt your gifts or your ability to defeat all those who wanted to hurt you guaranteed.

I live situations in which I see day by day, those who want to harm me by all means, which makes me seek your protection and light before so many dark beings who lurk to hurt me.

In this day of fear and nervousness, dear Saint Mark of Lion, I wish only one thing from you, keep away all the negative energy that may be haunting me before the damage is real.


Prayer of thought to St. Mark of Lion

Saint Mark, who reveals himself with love before every one of the men who inhabit the world, only you can make of that person that this heart so eagerly yearns to have only eyes and thoughts for me.

You have achieved with your infinite dominion that the mind and heart of each person, on this earth plane, change its opinion according to your designs. I look forward to such a wonderful person having only space in his head and life for me.

Amen for the consecrated host!

How to make a request to St. Mark of Lion

There is no specific periodicity with which you should pray for what you ask to become a reality.

The most important thing is that you do it with as much faith and devotion as you can so that St. Mark can hear and help you with your purposes.

However, it must be said that the best thing is to pray daily and not just when it is necessary, where the results will be even better than expected!


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