Prayer to Saint Joseph

Ask St. Joseph to help and protect you in family matters, employment, and prosperity with this collection of strong and powerful prayers.

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint Joseph
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
๐Ÿ™Œ Patron: of the Catholic Church

The good news is that you can count on the help of prayer to St. Joseph, the Saint of the Carpenters, Patron of the Universal Church, parents, and families, who will help you in everything related to these areas that are so complicated on certain occasions.

It is almost sure that in a society as complicated as the one we are living in, we sometimes have to face countless issues: unemployment, the breakdown of a loving relationship, the need to sell a property, and any other inconvenience that mortifies us.

That is why we have brought you some of the strong prayers to Saint Joseph, from which you can choose the one you like best and adapt it to your personal needs.

Prayer and novena of St. Joseph the Worker to get a job

Dear St. Joseph, the Worker, on this day of so much anguish and uncertainty, I turn to you for your help.

I became unemployed at one time or another, and I need to get a job urgently.

Since I lost my job, getting a new one has become a titanic task because of the crisis that surrounds us. However, you, as a worker, I know you understand me when I ask for your intercession and charity to get a job.

Glorious Saint Salvador, I know very well that getting a job in such a chaotic economic situation will not be an easy task. However, I am sure that we will be partners in this search and together in trust and hope that it will work out and so there will be nothing missing for the support of my family.

As you have always cared for me in times of adversity and struggle, and for your faith in the Lord and your family, I pray to you, as a spouse and by the name of Mary and your adopted son, Child Jesus.


This prayer should be done as a novena. Pray for 9 consecutive days.

Prayer to St. Joseph to obtain a grace

Dear Saint Joseph, I know I donโ€™t stay long praying to you, but today, I need your mercy and that you be my support.

St. Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, I know of your high power to perform miracles that can happen in this world of God, and, sincerely, I need your graces.

The miracle that I need in these moments of difficulty and anguish is so great that I know that I can only ask you. (say the need)

When achieving goals is impossible and unattainable, the only thing I can do is asking for your merciful hand to help me!

I know I will be able to reach the one I need and need.

Amen All Saints!

Prayer to Saint Joseph, protector of the family

I know that every one of my loved ones is exposed to many dangers just by going out into the street, so I turn to you, Saint Joseph, to eliminate all evil from the world.

I am aware that I have not been the best father or the best husband there is, but I love my family, and I want them to be always well. I respect my wife.

That is why I ask you to protect my family, guard their lives, and never the enemy, reach them.

I can handle certain dangerous situations or pitfalls, but not all, so I turn to you to help me through the storms.

Whenever I am absent, I pray for help in falls and anguish. Do not forsake my beloved people, so I ask with respect and obedience to be there, to give them all the protection they need to be safe and sound.

Amen and protect the Pope!

Prayer to St. Joseph Sleeping

Dear Sleeping Saint Joseph, I know I donโ€™t stay long talking to you, which leads me to apologize for having neglected you.

Today, I come to ask you to help me and guide me with your hands in the goals I intend to work and achieve in the coming days.

There are many challenges that I know I will have to face, but I donโ€™t want to do it without your blessing.

All the effort I make will be rewarding to me someday, so I need all the energy and goodwill you can give me in the hard tribulation that I will live through in the days to come.

You have achieved the solutions to your problems at a certain point in your life at the time of your sleep. So I ask you to help me know what to do and talk to me in my dreams.


Prayer to Saint Joseph to get married

Dear Saint Joseph, this request may not be as urgent and essential as many of those you receive daily, but it is still something that mortifies me and much.

I am a single woman who wants to get married and with an enormous desire to love a man who will be with me all my life. However, it was not possible to find that special someone who takes my breath away just from seeing him.

That is why I am addressing you, our Lord Saint Joseph.

I want to find love with the man of my dreams and marry him as soon as possible, but I donโ€™t even know him.

With your help, I hope to meet him soon and that we can be happy for all eternity.


Prayer to Saint Joseph to sell a property

My dear and beautiful Saint Joseph, I am anxious to sell a property quickly so that I can move to another place that is more suited to my needs.

That is why I ask you for all the support you can give me and to send me all the positive energy to get my property sold for a fair price as soon as possible.

I know that everything that seems impossible makes everything more comfortable. I never hesitate to pray for your support whenever I need it.


How to make your request to Saint Joseph

There is no time of day when it is better or worse to pray because anyone is suitable for prayer.

What is recommended in this case is that you pray daily for a few minutes to benefit from St. Josephโ€™s protection at all times.

If possible, prayers should be prayed for 30 days in a row so that the results are much faster and more favorable to the purposes of the faithful.


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