Prayer to Saint Helena

Do you need to dominate someone's heart? Make him desperate for you? How about dreaming about whom you're going to marry! Saint Helena will help you.

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😇 St. Helena - Helena of Constantinople
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: archaeologists, converts, marriages in difficulty.

For those cases where you feel you have days when your soul and body will break into a thousand pieces, you can turn to St. Helena, the Patroness of Separate Lovers.

To be separated from your loved one is perhaps one of the most painful things in the world.

If it is something that has happened to you, you will know that it is a hellish pain that can rarely be relieved with anything.

The nun is perfectly capable of performing all categories of miracles and sympathies so that that love can come.

Then I bring you the best prayers that can help you with your loving purposes in the best way.

Prayer to Saint Helena to despair a man

It disturbs all my senses to look into his eyes, but I don’t know how he feels about me or not.

This is what brings me here, Saint Helena, Patroness of Separate Lovers.

I need to ask for his strength and light of sound so that he can discover his feelings for me. I need this individual (say his name) to have only eyes and thoughts for (me) and no one else.

Today he is another woman who enjoys his kisses and caresses, but I need to end this as soon as possible.

I cannot allow another woman to enjoy the happiness of being in his arms.

It must be me and only me. This prayer is to bring desperate love,

I pray this prayer that he may think only of us together, and only I may be in his head.

Powerful saint, I call upon you to intercede and as soon as he despairs and loves me.

Amen God the Father, and your son Jesus Christ!

Pray to Saint Helena for him to run after me

I found someone who makes me very confused and disturbed, but I don’t know how to get close to and beat this human being.

That is why I am addressing you, venerable divinity, who can help me to have knowledge, patience, reveal and discover how to get the love of that man (say the name of love), and be happy at his side for the rest of our lives.

I want to make him crazy with despair, but also meek so that he, in peace, can think about us for the rest of his life.

I know it may sound a little selfish what I’m asking, but only I would make him as happy as anybody else.

I want him always to run after, and I trust your powers on this day to make it happen.


Prayer to St. Helena to rule a man's heart

Saint Dominatrix and Patroness of Separate Lovers, I wish to possess a man, say the name of love come, so that it may be mine only until the end of time. However, I will need your help for this purpose.

I believe there is another person who now occupies his mind and his thoughts, which, of course, I cannot allow under any circumstances. Not even in a dream!

Both his love and his inner desire must be for one woman all over the planet, (name) be it in the sea, in the green field, in the water, in the church, in his dreams or his home, and that must be me, no matter what it takes. It is crucial

For this, I know I have much faith for you, Saint Dominatrix and I need your content and your tools, to get involved with (so-and-so).


Prayer to Saint Helena to bring love back

Dear Saint Helena of the Cross, Patroness of Lovers, and Saint Dominatrix, I address you with a purpose.

The person I have loved most in all my life is not with me because of the multiple mistakes we both made. However, I am willing to correct them and take my man back if it will make us happy people for the rest of our lives.

That’s why I come to you; I need us both to be able to overcome all the hurts and each of our particular problems, to be together again.

I know it won’t be easy, but everything will flow better if I have your help, Holy Dominatrix.


Prayer to Saint Helena to dream of whom you will marry

This prayer St. Helena is to discover in a dream if a person I have met if it is she who is destined to share her life with me.

So please make my dream about whom I should marry in the future, but not too far away.

I know I never asked you for anything, dear Saint Helena, but I feel such anguish that I can’t control it.

If you send me this dream, a sign, it could be an outfit, where I can have a clearer idea of how I want my future, it could be marriage, or living with it, so I trust you very much.


Prayer to Saint Helena to find something lost

I’ve lost something vitally important to me to find, and I can’t do it alone. (say what you want)

This leads me to draw on your infinite power and wisdom, St. Helena, and I ask you to find everything I have not been able to see for some time.

I tried very hard to get what I wanted, but for some reason, I feel that I have lost my way and have no idea how to get it back.

That is what leads me to pray to your infinite power, Saint Helena.

Only you can give me the comfort and hope to stop crying for what I have lost and fight for what I can still recover.


How to ask for a favor to St. Helena

There is no specific number of times that you should say these prayers because nothing assures us how long it will take for the requests you have made to her to be answered or not.

It is best that you pray as often as possible and as fervently as you can.

She listens, but you have to know the way to talk to her.


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