Prayer to Saint Hedwig

Are you having money problems? Can't pay your debts? Say the powerful prayer to Saint Hedwig to solve your financial problems.

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😇 Saint Hedwig - Hedwig of Silesia
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: of the indebted

Saint of devotion to people with financial problems and debts to pay!

This model of German women always looked for the good of people in need. However, her most crucial moment was when her two sons started a war between them, for their father’s inheritance.

It is said that from that moment, she began to abhor the material goods and fortunes that many people had because she realized the evil that money can generate in men.

Moreover, he hated to see men become millionaires while millions of people in the world starved to death for not having a few cents to eat.

That’s why Saint Hedwig has been involved with money and paying off debts. People all over the world who have been affected for years by poverty or who suffer harmful imbalances in their bank accounts come to this saint to appeal to the need for her economic recovery.

Do not hesitate to pray the prayer to St. Hedwig if you are experiencing financial difficulties recently.

Prayer to Saint Hedwig for money

Dear Saint Hedwig. You are a good woman, a devoted saint to millions of people in the world. You, who dedicated your life to helping the poorest and most sacrificed people on the planet. You who hated to see how the riches of the earth were distributed among the few and how this made evil flourish in men.

Today I ask you, Saint Hedwig, to grant me your divine protection in this very problematic situation that I am going through. I urgently need a job to have a new opportunity, to be able to move on, to buy food, and to support my family.

Lord Jesus! I have seen my loved ones suffer the hardships and anguish of unjust poverty. I pray to you to allow us to be reborn economically, to find the sustenance we so severely need through honest work, giving me balance, and getting rid of my anguishes.

Jesus Christ, I am willing to sacrifice myself for my family. However, I pray that you will put in my way decent, honest, and real proposals that will allow me to earn money immediately and put an end to my afflictions, giving me balance in life.

Only you know the reality of this supplication, due to my afflictions and anguish, and how fervently I pray to you today.

Protect me with your sacred cloak and bless the work I do with so much effort. I know that from your hand, I can stand up and rise again.


Prayer to Saint Hedwig for financial trouble

Blessed be St. Hedwig, the gift of the protection of God’s hands and the love of Jesus has been given to you. You are the one who cares for the economically most disadvantaged and answers the most desperate calls in his name.

I am praying to you today because I am going through a difficult economic situation that seems to have no end. Today I need your divine protection, your love to feel that I have the strength to move forward.

I am falling into despair, and I was hoping you could help me rise from adversity.

Servant Saint Hedwig, honor me with your sacred benefit to obtain the material goods I need to pay the bills and save my work, just as I pray for spiritual salvation.

Please do not allow me to lose my concentration. You know spiritual reality and inner goodness, you are a witness to my honesty, and I ask you not to let the sin of greed to take hold of my soul.

Allow me to overcome this terrible economic situation that I am going through. By putting in my path, business opportunities, honest work, and gains that I can strive to emerge! I only trust you for this titanic task.


Prayer to Saint Hedwig to pay debts

Oh, Saint Hedwig! You are the protector of the indebted; you are the one who lent your divine protection and interceded in the kingdom of heaven before God for all people in need.

I ask you, Saint Hedwig, to intercede for my family and me before the Holy Family and the Holy Spirit Jesus Christ. We are going through a tough time in our lives, you, who have done so much for people in need, and have the gift to help me in these difficult times.

I have debts to pay, and I can’t. The person who trusted me and lent me what he could be pressing me to give it back because he too is in need.

I beg you, put in my way an opportunity to get what I need because I am being pressured to pay.

I fear for what may happen to my family and me for not paying the debt, so I ask you to let down on us your protective cloak so that God’s divine grace will protect us.

Come, beloved Mother Saint Hedwig, and help me to get what I need on this earth. Put in my way a decent job, a favorable business, or a person who can get me out of this situation. I beg you so that I can change this story and swim.

Free this heart from the needs of everyday life.


How to make your request to the Protectress of Indebtedness

People dedicated to St. Hedwig ensure that the saint’s protection is immediate and complete; they have faith in her to protect their family, their earnings, and even their home.

Many people make offerings to this saint for the protection of homes by placing an image of the saint at the doorway.


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