Prayer to Archangel Gabriel

Do you need to open your paths or ask for protection? Solve a conflict or get a person's love? Praying to the Angel Gabriel will help you with that.

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Archangel Gabriel - The Messenger of God
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration: -
๐Ÿ™Œ Patron: Diplomacy and communication.

Archangel Gabriel took Godโ€™s message to the holiest Virgin Mary about the birth of Jesus.

For those who find themselves in a complicated process in life, they need Godโ€™s guidance, protection, strength for family problems, or if they want to start their own family, or if they wish to light to come out of the darkness.

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel to open doors

May my received or transmitted messages be for the good of all! Enlighten me, give me the intelligence to communicate and promote beneficial changes, favorable to me, and to everyone with whom I am involved. Grant me the transformation of my inner self and that through my purified being. I can help the awakening of other inner ones so that together we can live in the fullest harmony.

I address this message as a prayer to the angel Gabriel with an open heart and soul dedicated to our Lord, to open paths, because I find myself in a complicated situation from which there seems to be no escape.

I need you, Gabriel archangel, like light, to remove all the mist that permeates my mind right now and clear my thoughts with your grace and power.

Enlighten and open the path I must follow and give me a powerful sign to understand the truths that seem to be hidden in life.

Help me with your messages and strength to make the right choices, those that will take my soul and my spirit, your grace, healing, and total peace, to the right path.

Holy! Holy! Holy! Amen Jesus!

Prayer to Angel Gabriel to get pregnant

St. Gabriel, you were the holy messenger appointed by God to carry the powerful message to the Virgin Mary, who was waiting for the son who brought light into the world. I pray that your spirit may fill me with love to fulfill my mission. I am longing for a son like an angel.

I know that neither I nor my partner, have problems to fertilize what I ask in prayer St. Gabriel, Archangel Gabriel, the messenger of God and pray in the kingdom of heaven so that we can become pregnant.

God knows my deepest desires and the sacrifices I have made to get them, so I beg Him to help me get pregnant.

My most holy Virgin Mary, who received the powerful grace of having a child Jesus, help me to become pregnant.

May St Gabriel appear in my dreams with his light as he did with the Virgin Mary, and may he bear the happy message that I carry in my womb. This perfect, healthy child will follow the grace and teachings of our God.

Amen Jesus! Amen St. Gabriel the Archangel!

Prayer to Archangel Gabriel 21 days

Archangel Gabriel, Bearer of good news, changes, wisdom and intelligence, Archangel of the Annunciation, bring everyday good and optimistic messages.

Make me also a messenger, uttering only messages and acts of kindness and much positivism.

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, of all that we know and surround us, I implore you today to hear my prayer and the request for protection, health, well-being, and love to Saint Gabriel the Archangel.

I am faithful and dedicated to Saint Gabriel. I came to meet him on previous occasions when I faced great difficulties, and the angel never failed me.

Today I pray to you, God, for the protection of St. Gabriel the Archangel. Send him with your divine grace to protect my family and me from all the evils that haunt us.

During the next 21 days, I will dedicate the prayer to Saint Gabriel to venerate and thank him very much, Archangel Gabriel, for all the times you have listened with patience and attention to my prayers, for all the favors he has granted me.

Grant me the achievement of my goals. May the angels say Amen!

Prayer to Saint Gabriel for love

Saint Gabriel, who has the power of God, no one knows love better than you, because you received it directly from God, our Lord.

I ask you to allow me to love you very much and deeply. I need your help to find my perfect match.

Angel Gabriel, you know my needs and desires. I have faith that you will put the right person on my path and allow me to feel real love.

I beg you, protect my heart to find the ideal match. I have already suffered loving disappointments, and I donโ€™t want to continue suffering for people who are not worth it.

Protect me a lot with your powerful cloak, keep away from me anyone who wants to harm me or whose intentions are from the darkness.

God, through St. Gabriel the Archangel, allows this request to become a reality. I am open-hearted to the right person, so I ask you, Lord, to let me love and be loved.

May the angels say Amen!

Prayer to Saint Archangel Gabriel for protection

With your word, much power along with your example as a bearer of Jesus Angel Gabriel, you have taught us that goodness comes from the heart and that we must spread the same around us.

However, many people decide not to hear your word of salvation and prefer to be dominated by evil forces and negative influence. They allow anger, violence, envy, deceit, and betrayal to take over minds and hearts, obscuring everything in their ways.

I beg you, protect me from any evil, especially if it comes from people close to me. Create a protective shield around me so that any demonic force weakens and dies before it reaches my heart and soul.

Angel Gabriel, my saint, keeps this prayer of strength and protect my family, friends, and anyone who has accepted God into their hearts.

Amen Jesus Christ and God!

Prayer to Saint Archangel Gabriel to unite mother and daughter

St. Gabriel the Archangel, who dedicated his whole life to the union and protection of men and the faithful children of God.

The love of a mother and a daughter is unique, it is light, and must not be broken by anything, so I ask you to give strength and protection to all mothers and daughters of the world so that we can strengthen the bonds of love that have been blessed by Our Lord.

Surround us St. Gabriel with his wings of love so that we can let the great joy reach our hearts. We can put aside our differences to focus only on grace and the bond of family love that unites us.

Blessed Virgin Mary, the powerful mother who brought life and a child into the world. Most holy Mother, I ask you to intercede with my angel so that we may have the grace of a son.

Amen, Mother! Amen Lord Holy Angel!

Prayer Tips for Saint Gabriel and the 21 days of healing

These prayers should be prayed to the Angel Gabriel with honesty and love in our hearts.

May we unite the prayers of the bearer angel Gabriel with the Our Father, or the prayers to the Virgin Mary, because they are what give Godโ€™s messenger the mighty power of his messages.
You can accompany your prayer to the Archangel Gabriel with a white candle for and lavender incense.


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