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A powerful prayer to St. Gabriel the Archangel

Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Every year, on March 18, the day of the Angel Gabriel is celebrated worldwide: he who was sent from heaven by God to carry the message to the Virgin Mary and tell her that he carried in his womb the son of God, heir to heaven.

As you undoubtedly know, Saint Gabriel the Archangel is followed by hundreds of faithful in the world who trust in his protective power and turn to him in search of sentimental or familiar help.

If you find yourself in a complicated process in your life, in which you feel you need God’s guidance, you can go directly to Him, who will without hesitation give you all the help you need.

Similarly, if you are having family problems or, on the contrary, want to start your own family, God’s messenger will be there to hear all your prayers.

In the most challenging moments of your life, come to these prayers that we leave below to venerate and honor Saint Gabriel the Archangel.

🛣 Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel to open paths

Dear Saint Gabriel the Archangel, the messenger of God and disciple of Christ, you have given all your life to Almighty God and taken His word, His teachings, His love and His power all over the world.

You who performed miracles and helped faithful believers of God in times of adversity and difficulty.

Today I address you with an open heart and my soul dedicated to you and Our Lord because I find myself in a complicated situation from which there seems to be no escape.

I need You, Saint Gabriel, to remove all the mist that abounds in my mind right now and clear my thoughts.

It illuminates the path I must follow and gives me a sign to understand the truths that seem to be hidden. Open my eyes and let me see the way I must follow.

Please help me to make the right choices, those that will lead my soul and spirit to heal and total peace.

You, who have always acted in the name of God out of kindness and unique truth… Defend me before the Lord, teach him my healthy heart, my noble soul, and ask him to enlighten me for the rest of my days on earth.


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🤰 Prayer to the Angel Gabriel to Get Pregnant

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, you were the messenger appointed by God to warn the Virgin Mary that she had in her womb the son of God, heir to the heavens.

Always faithful to Our Lord, you have demonstrated in hundreds of opportunities your strength and courage, your unconditional love for men and all living species on the planet.

Today I pray for you because I want your spirit to fill me with love to fulfill my mission. As you know, I’m looking for a son and, unfortunately, I couldn’t stay in the state.

I know that my partner nor I have trouble fertilizing what I ask of you, Angel Gabriel, to serve as God’s messenger and pray in the Kingdom of Heaven for pregnancy.

Only God knows my deepest desires and all the sacrifices I have made to achieve this, so I beg him to help me get pregnant.

I want you to be the one who appears to me in my dreams and give me the happy news that finally, after a long time and effort, I managed to get pregnant and I carry in my womb a perfect, healthy child who will follow the teachings of Our God.


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🛐 Prayer to the Archangel Gabriel 21 days

Almighty God, creator of heaven and earth, of all that we know and surround us, I implore you today to hear my prayer and my request for protection, health, well-being and love for Saint Gabriel the Archangel.

Only you know how faithful and dedicated I am to Saint Gabriel. I came to him on previous occasions when I was in trouble or faced great difficulties, and he never failed me.

I know that it is you, my Lord, who fill you with courage and strength to protect sinful men, and for this, I will be eternally grateful to you.

Today I pray to you, God, for the protection of Saint Gabriel the Archangel. Send him with his divine grace to protect my family and me from all the evils that haunt us, and we plan to destroy our house.

During the next 21 days, I will dedicate my prayers to venerate and thank you, Archangel Gabriel, for all the times you have listened with patience and attention to my prayers, for all the favors you have granted me. I ask you to stay close to me for the rest of my days. Amen.

💖 Prayer of St. Gabriel for love

Dear Saint Gabriel the Archangel. No one knows romance better than you, because you have received it directly from God, our Lord, and you have loved it in the most profound way that it can exist.

I want you to allow me to love as deeply as you taught me through your example. However, for that, I need your help to find my perfect match.

You know my needs, desires, and tastes better than anyone else, so I have faith that you will put the right person on my path and allow me to feel real love first hand.

I beg you, protect my heart in the process of finding my ideal match. I have suffered many love disappointments before, and I don’t want my heart to continue to suffer for people who are not worth it.

Protect me with your cane and your mighty cloak, remove from me anyone who wants to harm me or whose intentions are false.

God, through Saint Gabriel the Archangel, allows my simple request to become a reality. I am ready to receive the right person with an open heart, so I ask you, Lord, to allow me to love and be loved.


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🛡 Prayer of Saint Gabriel for protection

God, Creator, and Lord of all the universe, to you, we owe faithfulness and eternal love for all the good that you have brought to the world and our lives.

With your word and your example in the form of the Angel Gabriel, you taught us that goodness comes from the heart and that we must spread it around us.

However, many people decide out of conviction not to listen to their word of salvation and prefer to be dominated by evil forces and the negative influence of the devil himself. They allow anger, violence, envy, deceit, and betrayal to take over their minds and hearts, obscuring everything in their path.

I beg you, protect me from any harm you want to hurt me, especially if it comes from people close to me whom I used to trust. Create a protective shield around me so that any demonic force weakens and dies before it reaches my heart and soul.

Protect my family, my close friends, and anyone who has accepted God into their hearts.

He has always acted in the name of the Lord, and I know that he will protect all people on earth with his power, strength, and courage. You, who are faithful to God, will accomplish your work to the fullest as you have demonstrated before.


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👩👧 Prayer of Saint Gabriel to unite mother and daughter

Saint Gabriel the Archangel, when I hear his prayers and think of his image, the only thing that fills my head is the word “unity.” He dedicated his whole life to this, to the union and protection of men and of the faithful believers of God.

Today, I beg you with a humble heart to help unite all the mothers of the world with their daughters of blood or education.

The love of a mother and a daughter is unique and should not be broken for anything, so I ask you to give strength to all the mothers and daughters of the world to strengthen the bonds of love that were created in the womb and that were blessed by Our Lord.

Protect today and always my mother and daughter, Archangel Gabriel. We are a united family that has been separated by external factors, and in these times of need is when we need more unity among ourselves.

Surround us with their wings of love, let joy reach our hearts and let us set aside our differences to focus only on the bond of family love that unites us.


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Archangel Gabriel and the 21 days of healing

These prayers, especially in honor of the Angel Gabriel, must be prayed with honesty and love in our hearts.

If possible, we can join the prayers to the Archangel Gabriel with the Our Father or the prayers to the Virgin Mary, because they are what give the messenger of God such extraordinary power.

If you ask from the heart, your desire will come true.