Prayer to St. Expedite

If you are in a difficult or impossible situation, with problems, urgent needs, or want to get grace, pray now a powerful prayer to St. Expedite.

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😇 St. Expedite - The Saint of the Last Hour
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: emergencies, expeditious solutions, against procrastination, merchants, navigators.

St. Expedite is a protective and human Saint; he helps in urgent problems and needs that need to be solved immediately.

The prayer to Saint Expedite should be done with devotion and faith. He will hear your prayer and answer your call, but you must believe what you say, and first, trust him.

To request St. Expedite, you can accompany your prayers with a red candle on top of a saucer.

Prayer to St. Expedite for urgent and impossible needs

St. Expedite, the patron of urgent needs and impossible situations, eliminates conflict, and bring peace everywhere. I ask for your help in this situation I am living.

It is a painful situation, and I worry a lot about everything that involves my family. It seems to be impossible to fix, and it has become a nightmare. So I pray for you to take the stress and worry out of my heart by solving the situation.

It is urgent and desperate. The situation is eroding my being, and I don’t know what else to do. However, I know that with your power and kindness, your determination, and courage, you can help us.

Holy Expedite, help me to overcome this barrier that is causing so much damage and bring prosperity and health to me and all my loved ones. Please give us your grace and protection without harming others.

I will be eternally grateful for your grace, goodness, and strength in your divine presence. Attend to my needs. Attend to my affliction!

Amen Holy Expedite!

Prayer to the Key of Saint Expedite

Saint Expedite, soldier recognized by the Lord Jesus Christ, who has the task of interceding for those who call him. I pray to you to give me your strength to keep going every day.

I ask for your strength, vigor, and wisdom to become a good person. Take away from me all evil and all temptation and allow positive feelings to emerge within me.

Please help me find the path I should follow and support me in fulfilling my life purpose and being happy with the right person. Take care of me, my work, my family, and everything around me.

St. Expedite, lock with your divine key all evil doors and let a door open to the grace and goodness of our Lord.

Let not disease, envy, selfishness, and all evil enter my life. Let us be invisible to every bad situation and guide us always on the path of goodness and justice.

Amen St. Expeditus!

Prayer to Saint Expedite to obtain a grace

St. Expedite, you are the only one whom I can turn. Since your power and grace are granted to impossible needs, I pray for your help with this particular urgency.

Saint, who in life did good and always preached with his example, God granted you his grace with good and urgent works, you are now my saint. To your presence and divine power, I entrust myself to you to help me in this situation (speak).

That is why I come to ask for your help, which seems impossible, but I know that you, St. Expedite, can help me to solve this situation. I pray that you will allow me to enjoy your piety.

I thank you for listening with mercy, and in your will, I trust in the powerful Saint Expedite. Answer my request!


Prayer to Saint Expedite for money

Holy warrior, the patron of the afflicted and desperate, who makes the impossible happen in the worst moments. I want to ask for your help to give me your grace and prosperity in my business!

I come with faith, trust, and serenity in your power, and in Jesus’ to ask for your grace now, I need prosperity in my home. I ask you to allow me to get money honestly, sincerely, and without harming others.

Divine St. Expedite, I am going through a moment of despair. My economy is deteriorating, and I need your help to continue protecting and caring for my family. I pray for your blessing and your strength to overcome this unfortunate time.

Don’t let my family and I continue to decline. Please help us get up and move on.

I trust in your presence and kindness. Let us enjoy your pity, opening doors, increasing business sales, attracting more customers, and making more people trust our service.

Thank you, mighty Saint Expedite, for your divine mercy! Fulfill my request!

Amen Holy Expedite!

Prayer to Saint Expedite for love

St. Expedite, fulfill my request, bringing my lover back. Have divine mercy in Mary’s name to make my passion (name) stay with me.

You who have strength, power, and understanding helping me; do not let my heart be hurt. Let him (name) correspond my love and keep thinking of me, to make me his life companion.

In your hands, I am, and in your power, I trust my feelings. Answer my heart! Answer it!

Amen Holy Expedite!


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