Prayer to St. Cyprian

Do you have love issues? Are you having a tough time? Are you worried about your safety? Well, then pray a powerful prayer to St. Cyprian today.

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😇 St. Cyprian
🎉 Commemoration: -
🙌 Patron: of witches and the occult sciences

St. Cyprian was considered a sorcerer in his life and is now a holy figure.

Many people heed his power with a prayer of Saint Cyprian, asking:

  • to bring love back
  • to bind a man or untie him
  • to earn money
  • to get a job
  • to keep enemies away
  • for protection
  • to bring customers

To request Saint Cyprian, you can follow his prayers with a white, red, or black candle. You can also light incense for three days while saying the strong prayers below.

When making a spell, the incense must pass in each space of the house or work to increase its effectiveness.

Prayer to St. Cyprian to bring back love

I come, to ask a lot, a lot to bring love back, so that it (person’s name) comes back to me.

I only ask to bring love back. I want him not to rest until he comes to me, more sincere, and in love. Kind and pious, Saint Cyprian, fill the thought of the (person’s name) with my presence.

I pray in his name to bring love to me, to unite us as a couple.

Allow us to be happy.

Make love and tenderness the only thing that invades our relationship.

Thank you, Saint Cyprian, for your powerful help in bringing love back!

Love returns! Love returns! Amen!

Prayer to St. Cyprian to bind a man

Lord, you are one of the saints to whom most prayers are made because you have the strength to change hearts and awaken feelings. You have the power to make a man fall in love.

I come with faith, to ask you to tie in my life (name).

Make sure that he only sees me and no one else.

Master his love, heart like his whole being!

Lord, let me make (so-and-so) fall in love with me.

Thank you, God and mighty Saint Cyprian!

Prayer to Saint Cyprian black cloak for love

You who know all about magic and love, make my beloved one (person’s name) come after me now.

You who have demonstrated your wisdom in your creation, make my beloved forget any other person who can threaten our love.

St. Cyprian, make the (name) cannot live without me, do not let him sleep without my image in his thoughts.

Make him need me; make him want to be my boyfriend.

Make him (name) love me, my affection, that he loves me, and takes care of me.

Thank you for your holy and mighty help St. Cyprian!

Thank God!

Prayer to St. Cyprian to untie a mooring

Oh! Saint Cyprian, mighty in magic!

You are wise and practice with faith and devotion to God, our Lord.

I come to you, from the bottom of my heart, to take all the black magic from me.

God breaks these bonds and ties through prayer.

Take away from me the magic that makes me approach (person’s name) desperately.

Help me to leave behind that love and the need to be with that person.

By kindness, powerful Saint Cyprian, protect me and do not let the magic take hold of my soul.

In your holy, holy, strength, I trust my God!

Amen! Thank God! I thank God!

Prayer to St. Cyprian to separate a couple

Saint Cyprian, who always has strength for love and feelings! Saint of all people who love, I have to ask for your help to make a couple separate.

I come to ask you, with your power and holy influence, to separate my beloved (name) from his wife.

My reasons are varied, but this couple was not born to be together. They are not happy and deserve more.

I need their strength so that they don’t get hurt and feel tormented by a pretended love.

I pray a lot to bring my love back.

Thank you, my God! Thank you, Lord God!

Prayer to Saint Cyprian to tame husband

Saint Cyprian has the knowledge and wisdom of all feelings.

I come to ask you to love my husband (name of person)

On your fine art, I beg you, for our feelings, love, for our well-being, may this man (name) be put to sleep!

Your power to tame will make the (name of the person) to be dominated by love and affection and to have patience.

He (name of the person) has a special meaning in my life. May we be accomplices, sincere, so that our marriage works! And may he always be passionate!

Grateful to me as a woman, I am for you, mighty Saint Cyprian, for your mercy and help.

I thank the holy Lord God!

Prayer to Saint Cyprian to despair a man

Praised and loved St. Cyprian, I (name of the person) surrender to all your powers and all that you represent, to ask with faith, to help me recover (name of the person).

I pray with all love, to bring love back to me, repentant, full of love, and desperate to recover my love.

Reach out your generous hand to me, and may I calm your despair in the hugs, kisses, and feelings. And that I have no eye for any woman. For any woman!

Saint Cyprian, give clarity to (the person’s name) so that he can come and we can start life anew.

Make him understand that I love him, that he will only be happy with me and thus calm me down, coming to me and staying with me immediately and always.

Thank you for all your help, St. Cyprian!

I thank the Lord Holy God!

Prayer to Saint Cyprian to make money

I have come to say this prayer of St. Cyprian to earn money, wealth, and fortune by praising his name and his presence.

Saint Cyprian, I come to ask for a prosperous life, with much money and that wealth and fortune may remain.

Holy sorcerer! I implore you, in a situation of economic disadvantage, to help me find peace and balance in my economy. And to make it easier for me to obtain money, wealth, and fortune urgently.

Knowing that it is not possible to get rich overnight, make, O saint, that life may bring me more money, much wealth, fortune, and come ever closer and stay with me always.

Open my financial ways urgently and give them prosperity, money, wealth, and fortune.

Today, holy of magic and love, I ask you to pity my situation.

Give me hope and mercy that I may follow.

Put faith, lots of money, wealth, and fortune always at your fingertips.

Only in your holy greatness do I trust!

Thank you for hearing this request in this holy prayer of Saint Cyprian, my voice for money, wealth, and fortune!

I thank St. Cyprian!

Prayer to attract clients by the Power of St. Cyprian

Saint Cyprian, I recognize you as my saint, and I dedicate myself to your grace.

With faith and hope, I come with this prayer to ask you to help me in this business, where I work with my heart and in love.

I am striving and working hard to make my work grow, thus bringing wealth, fortune, and lots of money.

That is why I ask you to attract clients. Let me get money, wealth, and fortune.

So, knowing that you are inside their minds and controlling their thoughts, I ask you to help me attract clients.

In your great hands, I now trust the fate of my client numbers.

Thank you for your holy and mighty help.

Thank you, Lord God!

Prayer to Saint Cyprian for a job in urgent need

You who can influence with your power over people, I am your son, and I come to ask for a job.

I feel weak and vulnerable in the situation I am living in, and my economic situation is critical, I have no money, wealth, and fortune in life.

That is why I ask you, in your mercy, to help me to stabilize me by making money, wealth, and fortune. Help me to get a job.

Lord, help me in this time of despair and need for money.

Let me toast to your generous kindness and power, and may you bring me to work, money, wealth, and fortune.

Give me everything I need to get a steady job and get money, wealth, and fortune.

Thank you for taking care of this request, Sir! Thank you, Lord Saint Cyprian!

Prayer to St. Cyprian to make the body invisible

Mighty of the mighty, holy of holies, Saint Cyprian!

I beg you, with this prayer of mine, to protect me against evil, making any evil act disappear. I pray to close my body.

Help my aura and my soul to be invisible to the eyes of the people who watch over me and can harm me or who have obscure intentions towards me.

May the divine protection of those who want to harm us and those who want to attack us come to loved ones.

Almighty, Saint Cyprian, I need you to reach out to me and protect me from witchcraft and envy.

I beg you to come with the strength and power to fight every day against the evils of life.

Confident in your power, St. Cyprian! I immediately ask you to come to the meshes of my hands and heart!

Pray to St. Cyprian to ward off enemies and rivals

Oh! Prayer of the Glorious St. Cyprian, who knows magic and is skilled at other things.

Today I come inclined to all his power and greatness, to request him, I ask you from my heart to take away from me the enemies whom you know well watch over me.

You know that my intention is not dishonest. I am full of love!

I can no longer with all the damage that they do to me. I beg you to put an end to the powers of envy, evil, and evil rivalries.

I trust in your greatness and holy will. I am grateful to Saint Cyprian!


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