Prayer to Saint Cosmas and Damian

Do you need to ask a favor? Bring the love back, get a job, or even get pregnant? If so, Saint Cosmas and Damian will help you with this petition.

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😇 Saint Cosmas and Damian
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: doctors, pharmacists, and barbers

The two most famous brothers of Christianity, thanks to their undeniable passion for medicine and their vocation to help others without asking anything in return, St. Cosmas and Damian.

Two twins, doctors who gave their lives to the word of God, and through their gifts, they used it as a divine instrument so that Our Lord could heal hundreds of people all over the world.

Their devotion to the Lord was worthy of admiration, and He gave them the good of healing in their hands and minds and taught them the love of neighbor and vocation to the profession.

Dear Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, the patron saints of surgeons, pharmacists, and barbers, I ask for protection and healing of body and soul.

They are undoubtedly the most revered today when it comes to pregnancy or illness. However, many people also turn to them for a favor or to get a job.

If you are in a moment of need and are seeking divine help and a space for healing, do not hesitate to turn to any of the following prayers that we leave at your service.

Prayer to Saint Cosmas and Damian to obtain a grace

Father, King of Heaven, yours is my heart and spirit. I have dedicated my life to you, and I can only thank you for all the unconditional love you have given me throughout my life. For all the favors you have bestowed on my behalf.

You blessed your most faithful followers with the good of healing and allowed them to become saints, so I go directly to them to intercede before you.

St. Cosmas and Damian devout saints from all over the world, and today I address you with dedication, faith, and the hope that you will hear my supplications.

I need Saint Cosmas and Damian to do me one of the most fabulous favors I have ever asked of you. I have always been a person of great devotion and have dedicated my whole life to preaching the word of the Lord, his teachings, his love.

I pray that they will see in my faith humility enough to grant me the favor I ask so much of them.

I am a daughter of God, a faithful believer in his love and power. I ask you, please, to intercede before Him in the Kingdom of Heaven for me. I pray that you may open my eyes to the truth and guide my every step toward success, health, and well-being.


Prayer to Cosmas and Damian to bring love back

Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, saints of devotion, patrons of doctors! Today I am saddened by the loss of a relative, and, with deep pain in my chest, I come before you to seek the total healing of this spirit.

No one knows human nature, and all the mysteries it implies better than you. You have studied the body and mind of men, created in the image and likeness of God.

And you know of the flaws and worries that can attack even the most peaceful mind, make me have energy, sympathy, consciousness, patience, and peace.

The person I love has left without returning, without asking permission, without considering the feelings of the people around them. He went and left a deep emptiness in my heart and soul, which I do not know if I can heal.

I beg you, Saint Damian, to make him see all the goodness I have to offer that our love is forever and that happiness is at my side. Light his passion again.

Saint Cosmas, make him come back to me. Please allow us to start the relationship again, this time recognizing the mistakes made and solving the problems as they arise.

I ask you to let him come back and put him back in my family’s coexistence so that my heart and my body are complete.

Amen Jesus!

Prayer to Saint Cosmas and Damian to get a job

Saint Cosmas and Damian, children of the Lord, souls of devotion all over the world. You have dedicated your lives to helping the neediest and healed millions of people around the world with your teachings and your love.

From the hand of the Father, you have become saints capable of saving the lives of many people, and today I ask you to help me before Our Lord for the situation that afflicts me.

I am unemployed, I have not had a job for a long time, and my family and I have been affected by this, I am penniless, and I have no plans to succeed.

Despite my technical skills, I cannot find a decent job that will allow me to move forward.

I know the possibilities are out there, but I ask you, open my eyes, and let me see all the opportunities in front of me.

You have been faithful believers in a decent and prosperous job, so I ask you, brothers, to allow me to find a job, according to my abilities, where I can grow professionally for success.

Protect the path and still remove from me all false propositions that only seek to harm me or lead me into sin.

If I get a job, I promise to give the children five packs of bullets.


Prayer to Cosmas and Damian to get pregnant of twins

Dear Saint Cosmas and Saint Damian, patrons of the surgeon doctors and prodigal brothers of the word of God! You are faithful children of the Lord, and I hope you can hear me.

Only you, in the Kingdom of Heaven, can understand the depth of my desires and my hopes.

No one will understand my desires better than you, who have lived a unique unity that only the bond of twins could have given you; that you would give your lives for each other without a second thought.

Only you know how deep the bond of twin brothers is, so I ask you on this occasion to allow me to become pregnant with twins.

In my family, there is genetics, and I wish with all my soul and spirit that my children can share a bond as deep as the one you have had.

Saint Cosmas, Saint Damian, I ask you to offer me the blessing of twin children who can be a team, just as you have been all your lives.


How to make your request to Saint Cosmas and Damian

All prayers must come from the soul and spirit. Take your space to speak with the saints and concentrate on the words coming out of your mouth.

You can make sympathy by offering bullets to children if you get your wishes. You can provide candles with.

Only then can you ensure a deep connection with them.


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