Prayer to Saint Christopher

Are you going on a trip? Want to get your driver's license? Are you afraid to drive? Ask St. Christopher to give you the strength and courage you need.

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😇 St. Christopher
🎉 Commemoration:
🙌 Patron: pilgrims, drivers, travelers

To make all your fears disappear, you can turn to these beautiful prayers dedicated to Saint Christopher, the patron saint of travelers, drivers, and transporters.

Whenever you are going on a road trip, be it a pleasure ride or business, anxiety can take over because we worry about safety, or the bad state of the roads, or the recklessness of others behind the wheel, and can make us not get home.

I can assure you that you will have nothing to fear in his hands, say the prayer to Saint Christopher before you leave.

Prayer to St. Christopher the Protector of Drivers

Saint Christopher, I must undertake a very long journey. I do not know what dangers I am exposed to during the trip on the road, so I appeal to you, my Saint, to take care of me at all times and to have the firmness and security to get home as I have always done.

I have been involved in some accidents with which I have escaped, and I know that it is because you have taken care of me this time, Saint of the Travellers.

That’s why I ask you to keep doing the same job until now and never let anything happen to me.

We are all exposed to dangers on the roads of this country. However, all fear is dispelled when I mention your name, so I know that I can come to you whenever I touch a crossing in this world, which I know involves certain or many risks.

Never let anything terrible happen to me and let me come back at night to my loved ones so that I can hug everyone, just like I do every time I come home.

I trust you, blindly.


Prayer to Saint Christopher to lose the fear of driving

St Christopher, I don’t have much driving experience. I know first-hand everything that can happen to me if I don’t do it prudently, but I also know that there are things I cannot control with my own hands.

Because this is why, dear Saint Patron of Travellers, I ask you to help me take care of myself whenever I am in front of a steering wheel on the routes and paths of the world.

I will not lie to you, there are times when I feel a terrible fear of what may happen, but I beg you to always be by my side and to keep a very close watch on every stretch you take.

Just as you have done with every single person, you know who believes in you.

Knowing that you are with me on my shoulders, what can I be afraid of? There is no danger that you can’t take care of me on the way, because none of them have more power over me than you, and all the saints of the causes are always there to protect us from all evil.


Prayer to St. Christopher for a driver's license

Dear Saint Christopher, Great Patron of travelers, I know I never asked you for anything because I don’t even have a driver’s license yet.

That is why I am forced to ask for a powerful grace, for you right now.

I have an enormous need to drive a vehicle because of the many responsibilities that deserve it. However, I have not been able to do so because of other physical and economic impediments that I have already resolved.

Now that I am fully capable of driving a vehicle, I turn to you for the necessary permits required by law to allow me to drive in my beautiful city.

I don’t have much experience behind the wheel. However, I know you will be there all the time to prevent anything terrible from happening to me, just as you did to everyone who trusted you to do so.

I know you’ll protect me from all the dangers I’ll face in traffic and on the roads from now on. With you by my side, I have nothing to fear.


Driver's prayer

My dear Saint Christopher, I turn to you again to ask you to always take care of me, just as you have been doing since I started working at the wheel.

You’ve been my guardian angel this long, and I’ll thank you for it forever.

Precisely because I know that you have always protected me from all evil on the roads and highways is that I do not miss the opportunity to ask for your support every single day that I touch the wheel of any vehicle.

For you, my life is as essential as it is for me, and that is what leads me to ask for your protection every day of my life, at the wheel.


How to make your request to Saint Christopher

As to when it is more appropriate to say these prayers, there is not much to say.

Just feel the need for St. Christopher’s power and turn to him when it is most needed.

However, the idea is to take a few minutes a day to ask for safety in the car to always be under the heavenly protector of the Saint.


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