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Saint Charbel Prayer

St. Charbel

The third Sunday in July is the holiday that commemorates the life and work of Charbel Makhlouf, better known in the Catholic Church and all his followers at St. Charbel.

In all his life were hundreds of miracles that his faithful acolytes claimed he had achieved and even after his death are many mysteries that still abound about his person that catapult him among believers as one of the saints most revered by all Christians, especially in Lebanon.

His life was at the order of them, and for years he was in charge of taking God’s word and his teachings to all nearby corners, just as he dedicated his life to the monasteries and the protection of the poor and the sick.

At his death, it is assured that months after he was buried his body was exhumed and was uncorrupted, just as it had been buried the first day, but with a clear and oily liquid running through his body that the Catholic Church and believers claim has healing properties.

If you are facing a difficulty, are having problems at work or with money, or want to ask a favor, do not hesitate to resort to one of the St. Charbel prayers below.


😖 Prayer to Saint Charbel for difficult cases

God, our Lord. Father of all beings, King of Heaven, yours is my eternal devotion. You have preached your word in every corner of the planet and with the love you have glorified Saints who, inspired by your life and your miracles, protect believers in earthly space.

Today, I address you, St. Charbel, with deep concern in my heart and mind. I find myself going through a complicated process in my life and the decisions I make feel like they are not on the right track.

I find myself lost and not knowing what to do for what I ask of you, that you may intercede before God for me to clear my thoughts and guide me to the truth.

You have the strength of Christ in your heart, and I beg you to teach me to make the right decisions as you did in your time. It illuminates the path I must follow because the fog hides it to deceive me and lead me towards evil.

God manifests Himself to the world through you and your miracles, so I implore you to protect me from all the evil that surrounds me.

Dissipate the fog, remove people with bad intentions from me, protect my home, my family, and my workplace because through them, I am happy. Intercede for me before the Kingdom of Heaven.

I beg you to protect me with your mantle of love, as you have done with millions of people.



💖 Prayer to St. Charbel for love

St. Charbel, you were a faithful follower of God, Our Lord, and from him, you learned compassion, wisdom, humility, and love. After God, it is you who loves me the most, and you have shown it to me on hundreds of past occasions.

My heart and my faith is and will be yours for the rest of my existence.

I am currently afflicted by loneliness. Saint Charbel, I know that it is time for my soul and spirit to connect profoundly and lastingly with another being, and I am waiting with an open heart for that person to appear in my life and allow me to experience romantic love first hand.

Saint Charbel, allow the right person to come to me, and we can start a relationship that is healthy, healthy, lasting, and loyal. May we practice the honesty that God taught you every day.

May the unconditional love you have shown me be freely expressed every day.

Yours is my heart, for you are a child of God and have been blessed by his faith. Take away from me all people who intend to hurt me and only open my eyes to true love, one as sincere as I feel for you.


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💵 Prayer of St. Charbel for money

God, King of Heaven. You have spread your love all over the earth, and your wisdom has been left in the hands of the wisest and kindest people in history.

You have beatified and blessed St. Charbel and therefore I know that you trust him to do a work worthy of your word with us.

You are the Saint of the poor, of those who have already lost hope and think that things will never get better. You are the Saint of the neediest because God trusts in your power to heal them and guide them on the path of faith.

I’m talking to you today because I have serious money problems that significantly affect my daily life. My job is not being paid the right way, and my time is being wasted by those I work for, so I can’t get enough cash income.

I need money, Saint Charbel, so please open my eyes to the path of truth and guide my steps to the success I have always sought.

I’ve always been faithful to you, and you know me in my weakest moments. You know I’m going through one right now, so I ask for your full protection and that you surround me with your wisdom and love right now.

Give me the time to get up as you did, to heal my soul and meet again with my goals and my future. Amen.

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💼 Saint Charbel’s Prayer for work

Saint Charbel, you are a child of God, and you dedicated your life to caring for and protecting the poor and underprivileged people of the world but who with great faith believe in you and God, Our Lord. Today I am the one who needs your great help, and I come humbly before you to ask for my salvation.

St. Charbel, I beg you to help me find a decent job that offers me all the essential benefits that an honest worker like me deserves.

You who have always looked after the good of your faithful and those most in need, give me your help to realize my professional dreams to the fullest.

Let me be healthy enough to be able to meet all the professional goals I have set for myself.

I know that you are the Saint of working people, and you are aware that I give all my time and my life for my work and my passion, always doing it from humility and professionalism.

Please let me find the job I’ve always dreamed of, where I can grow up mentally and physically next to you.


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🙇 Prayer of Saint Charbel to ask for a favor

God Almighty. You had materialized into the human world before our eyes in the form of extraordinary people who you later turned into Saints.

You gave them the power and wisdom to honor your word and your teachings, to keep your commandments, and to perform miracles that strengthened the faith of those who still had doubts.

You inspired Saint Charbel, the Holy Monk, to live his life for the well-being of the neediest people and we will always be grateful to give him your blessing and the strength to live for others, from heroism, with the values of humility and compassion.

St. Charbel, you are a representation of the word of God, and your power to perform miracles for the neediest is well known. That is why today I beg you to bless me with your unconditional love, and with your power, you can help me to accomplish the miracle I so desire.

You know better than anyone else that my request comes from my heart, that it is a decision made with a cool head, that it is not an impulse, and that I have talked with God about this.

I beg you, intercede for me before Our Lord, and ask Him to grant me the miracle that I seek so much. Your power, blessed by God, will be sufficient to heal my heart.


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🤕 St. Charbel’s Prayer for the healing

Dear St. Charbel, the saint of the neediest, and martyr and the poor. Your faith in God granted you the status of a saint. You were blessed by the love and spirit of Christ, which has always allowed you to work for the good of those who most need your help.

Known are your miracles throughout history, and therefore you have earned the faith of millions of believers who know that you are a faithful representation of Our Lord.

This prayer that I make before you today is to pray for the sick of the world, but especially for those close to me who suffer daily from their health conditions.

The world we live in today is undermined by evil, selfishness, and violence so in the face of disease, evil spirits emerge and want to seize souls.

I beg you to protect all the people in the world. Give strength to those who are sick and have lost hope in their healing, show them God’s way, and fill their hearts with courage.

Many need your love, so please flood their hearts with courage, strength, and gratitude to the Lord.

Saint Charbel mainly protect those I love the most, my family and friends, from any illness or condition they may suffer. Surround them with your protective mantle and guide them always towards the way of healing, the way of God.


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What do the ribbons of St. Charbel mean?

The culture of the Catholic Church in Latin America has been very florid, and each people adapts its traditions to its culture and distinctive characteristics. This is why in different countries of Latin America, new rituals or cults are born for the saints most venerated by all.

Of course, Saint Charbel, one of the most beloved on the planet, would not be the exception.

The custom of ribboning the statue of St. Charbel comes from Mexico. Legend has it that one day a faithful believer of the saint came to pray his prayer and make a request, but she did not have a paper where to leave it in writing.

So he bought a ribbon that was in a nearby shop and used it to write his petition, leaving it on the statue of the venerated saint.

As expected, God and St. Charbel had healed her son, and she gratefully decided to leave another ribbon over the statue. The rest is history.

While the colors of ribbons have no special meaning, people prefer colorful ribbons to make their requests and white ribbons to show gratitude for favors granted.

Nothing speaks louder than the enormous amount of white ribbons that continuously surround the statues of Saint Charbel around the world.