Prayer to St. Catherine

Strong and powerful prayers to Saint Catherine to call and bind love, to tame a husband, to bring love back and against enemies!

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint Catherine of Alexandria - Martyr and Virgin
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration: -
๐Ÿ™Œ Patron: unmarried girls, apologists, craftsmen who work with a wheel, archivists, dying people, educators, girls, jurists, knife sharpeners, lawyers, librarians, libraries, maidens, mechanics, millers, milliners, nurses, philosophers, preachers, scholars, scribes, secretaries, spinsters.

Undoubtedly, love is one of the most critical issues in everyoneโ€™s life. However, love is also sturdy and painful for some others, it is a complicated issue, and we were not born being specialists in the subject.

Therefore, for the same reason, it is widespread to ask for help in knowing what to do in love. However, one of the most reliable and wise advice we can have is the prayer to Saint Catherine. We can ask for her help and guidance in any matter involving love.

Blessed St. Catherine of Alexandria, the bearer of the female voice during her life, is also the patron saint of single women and students.

We can ask her to intercede for us, passionate women, and to help us succeed.

Prayer to Saint Catherine for mooring

Saint Catherine, who represents the strength of women and is the patroness of their needs and offers them help! Lady, I come to you so that you may grant me the grace to enjoy the power and help me so that the person I love may come and never leave!

I come now to ask that with your power and intelligence, I may soften the heart of my beloved. Allow me to enter his life permanently and to be me for whom he lives and whom he will love forever.

Let no one separate him from me and make him love me eternally, that he be thirsty for my company and love.

Make him love me, make him respect me, make him think and like me, let us be accomplices and friends, and that I always seem to him a fresh and perfect white rose.

I ask you to have pity on my love for him and help me, all-powerful Saint Catherine. I pray this mighty prayer to Saint Catherine for him to think of me.


Prayer to Saint Catherine to attract love

Virtuous and virgin Saint Catherine! I come to you confident in her power and strength to help me with her grace to conquer the man I love, to let my charms catch him and to leave him lost in love for all that I am.

I ask you with your power, see the longing and love I feel, please pray that you understand my feelings and bring him back.

Make your thoughts be for (name), let beauty, sympathy, intelligence invade you and despair so that with your help, you will surrender to love.

Saint Catherine, listen to this humble prayer, I pray for your divine help so that the love of my life may come quickly and in need of my love. Make my kisses and our hearts complete and that I find all that he desires, that he loves me forever and that we live together always.

You have the power, and I trust in him, thank you, blessed Saint Catherine!


Prayer to Saint Catherine to tame husband

Saint Catherine, protector, and defender of love! Doctor of marriages! You who understand people equally, I ask for your divine help so that my husband will be more understanding with me and be calmer.

May you make him realize and understand that I want to be with him well and that we are happy.

That is why I say this powerful prayer and ask you to intercede in my marriage and help us to be as we were before. Make my husband more gentle when you are eating, when you are sleeping and give yourself to my love.

I know it is difficult to tame the heart of a brave man, I know it is difficult to tame brave men like lions, but only you can help me.

Sweet St. Catherine, let I will be transmitted to โ€œNameโ€ that if your will is our will, allow me to receive your kindness and help, make my heart tame my love, you know that I love him. I ask you with an open heart.

Thank you for your divine protection St. Catherine of Alexandria.

I beg you with great faith in Jesus Christ! Amen!

Prayer to Saint Catherine to bring back love

Saint Catherine, beautiful, divine, and perfect! Patroness of women in need represents our strength and goodness, so I come to her feet with this prayer to make my love return.

Let there be reconciliation between the two of us, let tranquility and clarity invade the heart of my love so that it can return, you who can do anything.

Let my beloved return. Let him recover the love he has ever felt.

Calm your bad feelings and let the need for my presence flow into your being.

Do not allow himself to be happy if he is not with me, help him to return to our home, and let us resolve our differences to be happy again.

Only you, St. Catherine, can recover our relationship, and make our love reborn, you who make miracles, let me enjoy them.


Prayer to Saint Catherine against enemies

Saint Catherine, for your works against injustices, you envy them, you have taken the trouble to help drive away enemies who may cause harm. Therefore, I ask you, with your power and strength drive away from the evil people.

Turn away all the evil and negativity that my enemies desire, do not allow them to cause me any harm, do not allow them to harm me. With your power, please leave them in their proper places, make them go far away, life to never return.

Saint Catherine, allow me to enjoy your grace and goodness, protect me from evil intentions.


Original Prayer to St. Catherine

My Blessed Saint Catherine! You are as beautiful as the sun, the moon, and the stars. You who entered the house of Abraham and slowed down 50,000 men, all brave as lions, so I ask you, Madam, to slow down the heart of (name) for me.

When you see me, you will exert yourself for me. If you are sleeping, you will not rest if you are eating, you will not eat. You will not be quiet until you come to talk to me.

You will weep for me, you will sigh for me, just as the Blessed Virgin cried for her Blessed Son.

(Three times repeat the name of the beloved person; hit the ground with your left foot while repeating the name),

Under my left foot, I throw you, either with three, or four, or the heart part.

If you are sleeping, you will not slumber. If you are eating, you will not eat. If you are talking, you will not speak; you will not rest until you come to me to discuss, to count what you know, and to give what you have.

You will love me among all the women in the world, and I will look like a fresh and beautiful rose to you.


๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown

Tips to obtain a favor from Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Saint Catherine is a great patron of Christians. When you pray, you should do so from the heart, and with as much time as necessary and calm in your heart, keep in mind that for no reason will she act to harm others.

Sympathies: Speak the personโ€™s name to Saint Catherine. It is good to repeat the name several times. Tell your story. She will bring love to your home.

You can also use white, red, or green candles, just like taking a white rose bath.

You can change the prayer to your need, even against accidents, but no matter what you ask, thank her for all the grace she has given you.


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