Prayer to Saint Augustine

Do you want to reflect on death and love? Protect yourself from envy? With the help of the prayers to St. Augustine, you will be protected.

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😇 Saint Augustine - Augustine of Hippo
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Saint Augustine, father and doctor of the Catholic Church, the principal saint of millions of people throughout the world!

He was the greatest thinker of Christianity and known by many as one of the greatest philosophers and theologians in history.

The life of Augustine of Hippo, as he was known before the Catholic Church beatified him, was marked by vast periods of darkness that man was able to resolve and overcome by leaving God and the Christian religion in his heart.

He found in the Bible the source of the faith and hope that he so badly needed. Since then, he has dedicated the rest of his life to helping the faithful and followers in the face of any adversity, even those dedicated to him after his death.

So here are some prayers to Saint Augustine that you can offer to the “Father of the Church.”

Prayer to Saint Augustine on death

Today I am feeling a deep sadness in my heart; I speak to you because I need your intercession to overcome death. Unfortunately, a person I loved has passed away and left a deep void in my life.

I feel sad, and I don’t know how I will be able to overcome this death. You too have faced difficult situations and emerged victoriously, I ask you to help me to overcome my wounds and pains, death is nothing.

Give me the necessary tools to overcome the difficulties and understand that the person is in a better place, that they are not suffering, and that they want to see me happy.

Protect me with your mantle and fill my heart with all the love that is currently scarce. Accompany me in my grieving process, give me your protection and courage, and I know that I will be able to overcome the death of my loved one. (name)

Protector Augustine, blessed, I pray before you because I feel intense pain in my soul. I have lost one person. He died and found God himself in heaven, where he is free, without suffering from our cross of this world and herewith love in his heart.

I, who remained alone in the earthly space, find myself very distressed, weak, and lonely because of your departure.

I need you to teach me how to overcome your death right now, and that is why I want to turn to one of your best-known prayers: “Do not cry if you love me.

As you rightly said in your prayer, I know that that beloved is now in a better place, where the fields and the paths he crosses are beyond imagination, because they are God’s creations.

Make me understand that he is well; take me with his cloak of love and heal my wounded heart by his departure.

I know that you have helped many people to overcome the death of a relative through your word, and I ask you to help me to overcome this. Let your message come to me, to know that he is well, that he is at peace and that he knows how much I love him.

Amen benign spirit!

Prayer to Saint Augustine I loved you late

St. Augustine, the saint of devotion and shows that faith can bring down enemies and go against any adversity. I will always venerate you, and you, faithful to your word, have fulfilled me at all times.

Know that your words, your advice, and your teachings have guided my steps and my life on the right path.

Whenever I doubt my faith, allow myself to be carried away by evil, and sins take hold of me, I think of your beautiful prayer, “I loved you late.”

You taught me that no matter how long we spend away from the Lord Jesus Christ, we will always have the opportunity and deserve to return to Him, who receives us with an open heart, living in the world with merit.

Right now, I feel far from the Christian faith, and it makes me feel bad. I need to turn to the Saints’ thoughts, beliefs, teachings, and love. I need you to help me reconnect with God and his faith.

I know that God has always been within me, but I am weak and manipulative in the face of a thirst for power and money. I beg you, remove all doubt, restlessness, or sadness from me and let me come closer to God.

Let me love God freely, my protector. Just as you expressed in your prayer that Holy God, managed to call you, calm you, and unite you with Him, so let me also draw near to the Lord again.

I ask your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart, and I am willing to open my heart completely to your love.


Prayer to Saint Augustine do not weep for me

If you love me, don’t cry.

If you knew the unfathomable mystery of heaven, where I am

If you could see and feel what I feel and see in these endless horizons

And in that light that reaches all and penetrates, you would never weep for me.

God’s charm now absorbs me by his expressions of infinite beauty.

In a confrontation with this new life, the things of the past time are small and insignificant.

I still retain all my affection for you and a tenderness that I could never really reveal to you.

We loved each other tenderly in life, but everything was then very fleeting and limited.

I live in the clear expectation of your arrival, one day… between us.

Think of me this way. In your struggles, think of this beautiful dwelling, where death does not exist and where, together, we will live in the purest and most powerful enchantment, close to the source of joy and love.

If you truly love me, do not cry for me anymore. I am at peace.


📃 Author unknown

Prayer to Saint Augustine against envy

Dear Saint, father, and bishop of the Christian Church! It is to you that I address my adversities, because, as always, I know that there is no better example of overcoming and meeting God than you.

You taught me that as long as I have God in my heart, I will be able to overcome any obstacle.

I am now in a situation that affects me deeply. I feel that bad energies surround my life and that these are affecting my loved ones and me.

Help me to recognize where this jealous, negative, and harmful energy is coming from and give me the tools to get it out of me.

If it comes from a close person, I ask you, Saint Augustine, to open your eyes to God’s teachings and make him see that envy and jealousy are sinners, that they bring to your life negative emotions that do not allow you to reach full happiness.

Take from me all those people who, before my accomplishments, only feel jealousy, envy, and resentment. Let my life be accompanied only by people who feel happy for me because negative energy only brings damage and violence.


How to make your request to Saint Augustine

As we said before, the story of St. Augustine is ideal for people who question their faith or who still do not let the love of the Lord freely into their hearts.

Augustine of Hippo, when he was in one of the darkest moments of his life, understood that only by opening his heart to God and studying his teachings in depth could he find the solution to his problems.

Pray and never be alone if you have God in your heart.


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