Prayer to St. Anthony

Do you have love issues? Are you going through a complicated situation in your marriage? Then say a mighty St. Anthony's prayer right now.

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Saint Anthony of Padua - Doctor of the Church
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
๐Ÿ™Œ Patron: Lisbon, lost items, lost people, lost souls.

When youโ€™re saying any prayer of St. Anthonyโ€™s, do it in a quiet place. Feel the prayers deep inside yourself, in your heart.

To address a request to Saint Anthony, you can accompany your prayers with a pink candle.

Prayer to Saint Anthony to find a boyfriend

Glorious Saint Anthony, you who are the protector of couples, who protect, who guard what is reciprocal and preach with the heart. I make this prayer so that the right person for me may enter my life.

Let the person you meet be frank, hardworking, a lover of life, loving and protective.

Let it be as I have always dreamed, and as I have always wanted it to be.

Holy praise, see through my heart, my strongest desire, that we be lovers.

I will always be very grateful for your grace. Amen!

Prayer to St. Anthony for mooring

Glorious St. Anthony, who enjoyed the grace of our Lord and helped many brothers and sisters to achieve his love. I ask you to allow me to enjoy this grace and tie (name) to my life.

Let me conquer (name), so that he may think of me all the time. May we be lovers!

Saint Anthony, patron saint, bless our courtship, so that it may take place, in purity, understanding, and sincerity.

I ask for the intercession of my prayers!


Prayer to St. Anthony to get married

Saint Anthony, patron of lovers, you who gave your love to God, I know that marriage is a vocation blessed by the Lord. So I ask you, powerful matchmaker saint, to unite two people who love each other. May we be lovers!

Let me find a boyfriend who will be a good husband and future father of my children. I promise to take care of and protect my relationship.

Bless me to achieve the grace of marriage, the wisdom to build a life together.

Bless me more this desire, mighty Anthony of Padua.

Amen God! God of love, the most powerful of saints and prayers!

Prayer to Saint Anthony for love to come back

Saint of the Saints, Little Saint Anthony, I come to your power and grace, to ask you to help me calm (name) and bring you back to me.

May the beloved person (name) come back renewed, give me everything, hide nothing, tell me everything, and always take care of me and love me.

Powerful patron, I need you to help me to recover love.

I want the (name) to come to me.

To come back on this day, to be like loving me very much!

Protect our love and let its wisdom reign in our relationship.

Glorious saint, I pray with your understanding, help me to achieve grace.

Amen God and Jesus!

St. Anthony prayer for protection

The gentle and powerful Saint Anthony, you, who does not tolerate injustice and disloyalty.

Defend my soul, remove from me the failures, diseases, broken hearts, wicked intentions, close my body.

Holy protector, let me be invisible before envy, evil, injustice before everything evil and ugly around me.

Praised patron, save my thoughts from evil and guard my happiness.

Save all that I am, my joy, essence, and vocation. Guard me against all enemies who want to harm me.

Mighty saint, create an invisible shield and a barrier in me.

Protect my body, mighty Saint Anthony.

Amen God and Jesus!

Prayer to St. Anthony for him to call me

You who know what is happening in my heart, pious Saint Anthony, I ask you to help me so that he (name) may come to me, running.

You who know love, who see the suffering caused by it, can help me, dear Saint Anthony.

With my heart, I beg you, may he come in search of my love and all that I am.

May his despair for love be so high that he comes immediately looking for my arms!

In his help and grace, I trust, as, in his hands, I surrender my life.

Amen God and Jesus!

Prayer to St. Anthony of Padua for difficult times and urgent cases

St. Anthony, defender of what is, who helps in severe and urgent cases, patron of lost causes.

I come today with this prayer, inclined to his presence, most holy, to find a miracle.

I ask for your blessed help.

Let me find the high strength and initiative to get out of this difficult moment.

Let things go well, and everything is resolved in my life.

Do not let this (speaking of the situation) get worse and affect me.

Glorious Saint, you can achieve the impossible, let me out of these tribulations.

Through your grace, may I find a blessed way of liberation and moving forward.

Amen God and Jesus!

Prayer of St. Anthony to calm and tame

You who know how to tame people,

I am asking for your help so that I can dominate (name) in my life.

Let me enjoy your help and let my (name) learn and respect everything I say.

Donโ€™t let stubbornness appear, and give clarity and understanding flow.

Amen God, Amen Jesus!


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