Prayer to Saint Anne

If what you seek is God's protection for a pregnant woman, a suffering mother, or a child who has lost the course of her life, do a prayer to Saint Anne.

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😇 Saint Anne
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Saint Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary, maternal grandmother of Jesus Christ, is venerated by millions of people around the world as the patroness of many cities on the planet, but also as the protector of mothers, children, and pregnant women.

She, who cared for the Messiah with all her affection, and who gave all her faith to God, sending her son to earth to free us from sin, is one of the most miraculous figures attributed by Christians.

Go to the sacred prayers of the kind Saint Anne and dedicate a few minutes of your day to venerate her. Then we leave you three divine prayers so that you can pray in peace.

Prayer to Saint Anne for dating

Dear Saint Anne, grandmother of Jesus Christ and relative of the blood and spirit of Our Lord. The creator blesses us with the gift of spiritual protection to the neediest.

You have helped all those who come with prayers, so today I leave aside pride and shame to ask you, Saint Anne, holiness full of love, spirituality and grace, the beginning of a new relationship.

I spent many years in solitude and in the company of evil people who did not deserve my affection. I was wounded, deceived, used, but I learned my lesson.

God taught me through His example that I must have the will, courage, wisdom, and strength to rise again.

And that every time my plans fail to make a novena asking you, Saint Anne, and the Holy Spirit for one more opportunity.

Please allow me to start a relationship with someone perfect and loving, someone who will honor me, who will have harmony, a story that loves and respects me, and can make my home and marriage.

Take away from me all those fake suitors who are looking for a moment of lust. My mind, spirit, and heart are seeking to begin the graces of a family, so I have no time to lie to the suitors.

Allow me to fall in love again, to start a relationship, to dream of a future image as a family, to be parents, and to realize, as you did, a full life dedicated to God and me.

I beg you, my dear Saint!


Prayer to Saint Anne for the children

Oh, Saint Anne! You are the blood of God. You are the mother and grandmother of Jesus Christ. You witnessed the suffering that the Son of God endured on earth to eliminate the sins of men.

You have always offered your help, healing your daughter to the Blessed Virgin and protecting your grandson Jesus Christ from all evil.

God Himself blessed your sacred cloak of protection.

Today, I ask that all the mercy you have shown for your daughter and grandson be poured out on all the children of this world.

May your divine providence and protection and your gentle and loving hands be those that touch the bodies of all the children of the world, regardless of their age, social status, or religion. Protect them all!

I especially pray for the divine protection of all the children of my family, especially my angels. They are good people who have carried God’s love in their hearts from a very young age.

I taught them good and evil, they know good morals, and they are scholars.

I love them with all my heart for what I ask of them, to protect them from any evil, from any threat.

Protect them from the violence that reigns in the streets today and to stay away from the bad influences that disguise themselves as friends or angels.


Prayer to Saint Anne to get pregnant

Blessed Saint Anne. She has the blood of God in her heart, the blood of Christ in her soul.

It was you who gave support and protection to Mary in times of greatest need, who accompanied her in spirit and soul on her journey through the desert to Nazareth, where she would give birth to the Son of God.

Her protection is sacred and blessed by God. I ask you, Saint Anne, to protect me from all the evil that threatens me, but above all, to remove from me all the bad energies that do not allow me to become pregnant.

I wish with all my soul to have a child. I ask you to give me the blessing of carrying my child in my womb, of feeling him grow healthy and strong within me, of being able to make a unique connection with him that only mothers and children understand.

You had this feeling with the Virgin Mary; I ask you to allow me to feel it with my future son.

Surround me with your divine love and prepare me to receive my future child.

We are ready to enlarge the family and to be able to overflow with love for the new member of this beautiful union that God has realized.

I beg you.


How to make your request to Saint Anne

The prayers left in the previous section are designed to be prayed in a calm and uninterrupted environment.

If it is tough for you to go directly to a church to pray before the altar of Jesus Christ, you can choose to pray on an altar created in your home with Saint Anne, with a candle and a rosary.


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