Prayer to the spirit of despair

Say this specific prayer if you find yourself in a situation of separation from the person you love, or for domination, or other hopeless cases.

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If you are reoccupied with that company that is so special to you, or if that beloved person is no longer with you, or is moving further and further away, I want you to know that this has a solution.

In life, we often face situations where a person we want is already showing signs of wanting to leave our site, however, everything has a remedy, there are different prayers to the spirit of despair, powerful with different goals.

Prayer to the spirit of despair and domination

In the name of holy God today, I implore you, the spirit of domination. Give me the tools I need to attract the person I love.

Grant that I may be with my beloved again. I am in a moment of anguish. I conjure myself to you, guide my steps to bring him with me.

Grant me your divine will and authority, restless spirit, by the saving power and presence of you. Almighty!

On this day, I ask you that the person for whom I so long may feel the need for my company, to look at me, to love me, and to please me.

May he love me and, may he desire me, may he have me in his thoughts, that at all times the only thing he thinks is me.

Our Father, let me spend more time with this person to dominate his heart, which is so special to me.

He is that person who takes my sleep away, guides him to me. Make him stay by my side all the time and forever, give me the surrender of his feelings and his body.


Prayer to the spirit of despair tortures him

By the Holy Spirit, I ask you to draw to my side the person I love. Grant that the hours and days he is not with me maybe tormenting, so that he may only find calm the instant he sees me.

Spirit, I call and come humbly to your mantle. Let me exercise dominion over the feelings of the one I love, who is at my mercy and submissive to me. Torture him with love with my overwhelming energy, with all the power of my spirit.

Today I rise to ask you that my image may persuade the thoughts of the person I love, so that the day may come when we can be together.

It prevents another person or enemies from blocking their feelings for me.

That person I love so much, that person I desire so much, that I feel anguish, despair, and confusion while he is not with me. May this man come to my feet!


Prayer to the spirit of despair to separate

Spirit of despair, I turn to you to separate (people from whom you want to be separated) (a couple from the person you love), to keep them away from each other, to make their days together with a torment.

On this day, come to me the spirit of despair. Listen to my call, separate these two people whose union is a mistake, who, in the most challenging moments of this break-up.

The being I love, let him come to me as a comfort, let him realize that he must be with me.

Holy Father, separate the paths of the union of these two, guide them in a different direction, undo the love they had, remove all traces of affection that they can feel for each other, that they think as brothers but not as a couple.


What you need to know about the Spirit of Despair

The sentences are different for each situation; there is no need to repeat the previous ones; choose the one that best fits your problem. Prayers should be made in a calm state and judgment of choice, with a holy positive attitude and much faith.

They will only work if they comply with the above, if they feel bad and really do not have security in their own words, the prayer will not be fulfilled, they must also be constant and have patience so that what they ask is performed.

Because everything is fulfilled with the passing of days, nothing happens overnight, so you must be constant with your prayer. Pray always!


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