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Prayer to the spirit of despair

spirit of despair

If you find yourself in a situation where you separated from the person you love, from that company that is so special to you or if that person is no longer with you and you feel that it is getting further and further away, I want you to know that this has a solution.

In life, many times, we will face situations in which a person to whom we want many signs of leaving our side, however, everything has a remedy, there are different powerful sentences with different objectives if what you want is that your beloved returns surrendered to you read on.


Prayer to the spirit of despair and dominion

In the name of God holy today, I implore you, the spirit of dominion. Give me the tools necessary to attract the person I love. Grant that I may be with him again in this moment of despair, I commend myself to you, guide my steps to bring him with me.

Grant me your divine authority. By the power and presence of your Almighty. Today on this day, I ask you that the person I so long for today and every morning feels the need for my company, to see me, to love me, and to please me.

Let him love me, long for me and desire me, make him think only of me, that at all times the only thing he remembers is me, clouds his sight with my image until he is by my side.

Our Father, allow me to spend more time with this person who is so special to me. That person who takes away my sleep, guide him to me. Make him stay by my side at all times and forever; give me the surrender of his feelings and his body. Amen


Prayer Spirit of despair torture him

By the Holy Spirit, I ask you to draw the person I love to my side. Grant that the hours and days he is not with me maybe of torment, so he may only find calm the instant he meets me.

Spirit of despair. I humbly come to your mantle. Let me exercise dominion over the feelings of the one I love, who is at my mercy and submissive to me. Torture him of love with my overwhelming energy, with all the power of my spirit.

Today I rise to ask you that my image may persuade the thoughts of the person I love so the day may come when we may be together. It keeps someone else from blocking their feelings for me.

That person I love so much, that person I desire so much, feels anguish, despair, and confusion while he is not with me. Let him come to my feet in despair for me. Amen


Prayer to the spirit of despair to separate

Spirit of despair, I turn to you to separate (people you want to be separated from) (the couple from the person you like), keep them away from each other, make their days together with a torment.

On this day, come to my spirit of despair. Hear my plea, separate these two persons whose union is a mistake, who, in the most challenging moments of this rupture, the person whom I love comes to me as comfort, allows him to realize that he must be with me.

Holy Father, separate the ways of the union of these two people, guide them in a different direction, undo the love they had, remove all traces of affection they can feel towards each other, who think being together a sea of problems that flood them.

Let them be overwhelmed by their toxic company until they separate, let them find neither calm nor relief until the ties that bind them end. Amen

What you need to know to make these prayers

The sentences are different for each situation. It is not necessary to repeat the previous ones, choose the one that best suits your problem. Prayers should be done in a calm state, with a positive attitude and with much faith.

These will only work if you comply with the above, if you feel bad and do not have security in your own words the prayer will not be fulfilled, you must also be constant and have patience so what you ask is filled.

For everything is fulfilled as the days go by, nothing happens from one day to the next, so you must be constant with your prayer.