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Prayer to speak with God

talking to God

In many moments of our lives, we have needed to speak with God; either when we have a problem or when we feel on the edge of an abyss.

Although many times we do not know how to address him, it is best to ask him to enlighten the way and guide us to make the best decisions. We do this through prayer because it is the only way to communicate and to be confident that he is listening to us.

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one who takes control of our lives, placing in us the desire to pray, to seek Him, and to speak to Him.

That is why we should set aside a time for prayer, especially when we feel anxious or are faced with a problem because it increases our faith, trust, and strengthens our relationship with him.

Talking with God makes us feel, peace, calm in spite of the problems we are facing. His love and power are infinite, so I believe in his immense love.

In addition to asking him, we must also glorify him, invoke him, adore him, and thank him for his mercy in our lives.


Prayer to speak with God

God, today I come to you to put myself in your hands, to ask you not to allow me to go away from you, to orient my life, to lead me to make the best decisions according to your will.

I ask your forgiveness for my failures and for offending you. Cleanse me with your blessed blood, for I am sorry that I made mistakes that keep me away from you. Give me a new heart, my God, to love you, adore you, glorify you, and honor you, do not allow me to fall into temptation, always show me the way of good.

I ask You, Lord, to bless my finances in these awkward moments, give me hope not to fill me with fear.

Beloved Father, I also want to thank you for all the good things You have given me, for my family and friends, for my children, my granddaughter, my home, and for my daily bread. Today I ask you to protect us and bless us with your immense love.

I love you, and I need you always by my side, God, do not abandon me, guide me, and show me the right way, give me the light I need. I know that your plans are perfect, and your love is infinite. Thank you for your mercy, in the name of the father of the son and the holy spirit. Amen.