Prayer to Shango

Shango will open your doors, do justice, give protection, and bring back love! Pray to Shango for what you need, and you will be answered.

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😇 Shango - Orisha of justice
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The great Shango, which is one of the most powerful Orishas, brings many protections for those in need.

He has total control over lightning and thunder and treats everyone fairly, including his enemies. He is a warrior who fights for his territories and is combative.

He is upright and can both protect and punish his children when necessary.

He is the Orisha of justice and carries with him two axes and a six-pointed crown.

When making your request to Shango, you can use light brown, golden, and red candles.

The Catholic Saints equivalent to Shango are St. Jerome and St. John.

Prayer to Shango for protection

Mighty Shango, Umbanda’s Orisha, Father, companion and guide, Lord of balance and justice, helper of the Law of Karma!

You alone have the right to accompany, for eternity, all causes, all defenses, accusations, and elections arising from the disorderly actions of the pure and benevolent acts that we practice.

Lord of all the massifs and mountain ranges, symbol and seat of your planetary action in the physical, astral and mental!

Sovereign Lord of balance and equity, watch over the integrity of our character.

Please help us with your prudence. Defend us from our perversions, ingratitude, antipathy, falsehood, and undue judgment, from the acts of our brothers in humanity.

You alone are the great Judge.

Kaô cabecilê Shango!

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Shango to open doors

To my father Shango, protector, and of justice, I ask at the mention of Obatala! May he heed my words, may he hear my heart for Orumilá’s sake.

To my father, Shango, I ask for your divine mercy and protection for my person.

To my father Shango, I ask that I be worthy to carry in my life, your protection, your benevolence, and your strength.

To my father, Shango, I ask to open paths and that I can see in my soul, the imperfections that do not let me see the divine light of the Creator.

May my body and spirit be healed by his Divine teachings. By my true faith and devotion!

Hear my words, and may I be worthy of your forgiveness.

This prayer is strong for those who are on closed paths and need to have open doors in life always with the protection of the justice of Orisha Shango. The idea of this prayer is that the body and soul be healed, so if you believe, pray with devotion.

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Shango for justice and protection

Oh! Shango, my Father Shango, watch over all who beg for your protection, give us your blessing my Father, protect us from all our enemies.

We entrust to You, my Father Shango, by your intervention, send us from the top of your quarry a spark of lightning, and with it the teaching! So that we may thus treat our fellow men with all serenity and all justice.

My Father Shango, who is the lawyer and representative of divine justice! I ask you to defend me from the injustices of the men and protect humanity against all misfortunes. Defend and protect all my innocent brothers and sisters from those who seek to harm them or deceive them with their lies.

My Father Shango, teach these our brothers the way of good, faith, and charity, so that they may practice good deeds, as our Father Obatala taught us! And that they may learn to give for free what they have received for free.

Bless me, Shango, and protect me from all the dangers of daily life and drive away from my enemies and help me to do good without looking at whom, teach me to be my best, to be right and just.

Teach me, my Father, to love and respect my fellow men as much as I love and appreciate you. I ask you also, my Father Shango, protect my friends and loved ones from all evil.

Kaô Cabecilê, my Father!

For those who feel wronged by life and want to change the negative results! For those who suffer from envy and cannot progress in personal, educational, or professional life, Shango will protect you from false friends and will open doors.

📃 Author Unknown

Prayer to Shango to bring back love

I (say your name)!
I invoke Father Shango and his helpers!
I invoke the current of Shango!

I invoke the spirits of justice to show your power: that the heart of (name of the beloved) overflows with love, desire and trust for me, and that you make him see me as his companion. May (name of the lover), accept the passion and desire you have for (say your name).

May he (name the beloved) still seek me today to say that he cannot live far from me! May you say that you love me and desire me and that you want to stay with me, make me happy, that you want me to be your girlfriend, wife, lover, your only wife! Justice be done in these prayers to Xangô to open ways for my love (say the beloved name)

That (say the name of the beloved) wants to make me very happy, that has decided not to fight against love and desire, and that unites us. That (say the name of the beloved) wants to be always by my side! May he miss me, may he be jealous of me (say his name)! May he always look for me, may he (say his beloved’s name) be afraid of losing me! May he ever want to give me pleasure, may he never look for someone else, may he never have eyes for anyone else but me (say his name).

May he ( say his beloved’s name ) now feel a deep and uncontrollable will to see me, may he come to me and declare all his love for me (say his name). May he ( say his beloved’s name) asks to stay with me always. May he never say No, and may he never mistreat me. May we be happy as lovers, and if it is for the good of our happiness, may we be together in the future, united and married. May he have pleasure and the will to stay in my life forever, and may we never go our separate ways again, Lord.

May Shango and his helpers remove all evil, envy, evil eye, women who can still give on him, men and friends who want to do us harm, to interfere, or want to end our courtship, or plant the seed of discord in our hearts. That (say your beloved’s name), at this moment, start thinking about me and, being impossible to control, will come to me (say your name).

Finally, may you (say your beloved’s name) declare all your love and the will to be happy with (say your name).

Justice is done, Shango!

So be it. Amen!

📃 Author Unknown

When to appeal to the prayers of Shango?

Those who ask through the prayer to Shango do not lose by waiting for the results, no matter how difficult they may be. The important thing is to have faith that the results will come.

As in any and every prayer, and you pray, faith is necessary. Yes, if you with dedication and devotion for your problems, the Orisha will attend you, but remember that as he protects, he punishes when it is necessary.

There are many other prayers of this Orishas. Look for the one you need most today and look for a quieter place far from the noise, and in the divine word of prayer to Father Shango, ask with faith, and you will be answered.


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