Prayer to separate a couple

The person you love is dating someone else? If you love her, say a powerful and strong prayer right now to separate a couple urgently!

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When we see the person we love with another, we feel that our blood is boiling and that something inside us is breaking! We want something to happen, and for them to separate, to have our love around. Pray the prayer to separate a couple immediately and see the result. It works!

If that is the feeling you are going through now, you should only turn to God, our Lord, who will fulfill all your prayers when you say them with all your faith.

Prayer to separate a couple in 24 hours and forever

Heavenly Father, I know that marriages are sacred and that what you have joined together should not be separated by man. However, I love someone who has already married someone else. I am so in love that my heart twists with pain and sorrow every night when I imagine them together. How bad I feel! Very bad!

I would like to see them separated right now, at any time, but I beg you with your magnanimous power to separate the couple in 24 hours. I know it is not just any task, it seems an impossible task, but I know that you make everything possible. That’s why I’m asking you to take them away, my God! He is not just any love, he is true love, and bring this being so divine, powerful, and special into my life.

My prayer asks the Lord and the powerful Saint Cyprian, to use the powers, to separate (name) quickly!


Prayer to break up a couple immediately

Jesus Christ, Saint Cyprian! I have such sadness that I don’t know if I can resist. The being I love most in life is with someone else, and I feel my heartbreak in two.

It leads me to ask you, my Lord, to take them away from each other. To separate the couple definitively (name) so that this person can see me with different eyes and think that only I could make him/her happy.


Prayer to separate two people in 7 days

I pray this prayer to separate a couple (names) quickly during the seven days

I did the impossible to drive away two people I know shouldn’t be together, but I didn’t get the results I was looking for. I no longer know what to do so that these two beings break the absurd bond they have and understand that they must flee as soon as possible before much damage is done. I don’t know what else to do, my God.

Dear God, help me so that they understand that they should not be together and, if possible, separate during the seven days.


Prayer to break-up a couple of lovers

Falling in love may be stiff at first, but there is nothing that you, God of my Heart, cannot accomplish.

You can make (name) move away from each other as quickly as possible. All so that I can be happy with the love of my life and make you understand that he (name) made a severe mistake, going into other arms and knowing that my love will always be right!

I ask you with my heart to help me to separate them and never to unite again in this life as in any other.


Prayer to destroy a relationship

Dear God and Heavenly Father. I need to ask you to separate the person I love from the person(s) he is dating so that I can have a chance with them. It may sound a little selfish, but I know that no one would make you as happy as me. I understand that no one would give her as much love and cuddle as I would.

That is why I ask, beg you to separate them forever and make me worthy of having a chance with the one I love most in the world.

I know that you will listen to me and help me with it, God, if it is for my good, my happiness.


Can you separate two people indefinitely?

If you pray with all faith in your heart, you can be sure that the powers of God, the two people you want to separate, will never be together again, not even in another life. It would help if you were a little patient to see the results.


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