Salesman's Prayer

If you need to sell a property or land or increase the sales of your store, or services do this powerful prayer of the sellers to get what you want.

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You, who is a merchant, a salesperson, and need this job, know how difficult it is in some moments to succeed in your journey. Because sales depend on several factors, make the prayer of the salesmen.

Don’t despair if you can’t sell today or tomorrow. For God, hearing the prayer to sell, knows what is going on in your heart, and if one door has been closed, others will be opened.

Salesmen's prayer to sell well

Beloved Father, supreme almighty, I invoke Your holy name and pray here, and I pray with my heart, for the sake of sales. I am a salesman, and I need Your help, recognizing that I need to plant to harvest, struggling to obtain results.

I pray, this prayer of a salesman, because faith without works is dead, and I confess that I have planted, battled, and worked hard for my business. Now I need confidence to sell, success, protection, money, and Your blessing.

I need your help Father, my God, open the doors of success in business for me, Lord. In authority you have given me, lift your voice and protection from all envy, all bondage, and every big eye that is trying to obstruct my ways.

St. Michael the Archangel, I ask on this prayer of the salesman to get help for selling more. So I prophet this prayer: May there be prosperity for the right people in this land! May sales be high from now on! May the company be better every day!

Saint Michael the Archangel, I ask with humility and love to attract more people in these days, believing in the business and the company. So that I can work with the disposition and that I can and make more money.

Thank you!

Praise Jesus Christ! Amen!

Prayer to have good sales

Lord, with this selling prayer, I come into your presence to put my sales and my business in your hands these days.

Saint Michael the Archangel, help me with this prayer, to always believe in work. To have the determination and much wisdom in business, love, patience, and protection in this area of my business, and that I can help and learn to deal with customers in a friendly and captivating way. I have a smile to welcome those who come to you, making a difference in my workplace.

Archangel! I know that we have to believe in these days, that whoever plants harvests. For this reason, I wish to plant good things and determination. To sell more and harvest my fruits as a salesman, and to make good sales in your name.

In the authority Lord gave me, I raise my voice against anger, challenges, and conflicts, that is upon my life. All envy, bondage, every contrary spirit that tries to close the doors of my sales, let them go out now in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Saint Michael the Archangel, I pray to you and determine that the doors be opened in my professional life and the many sales. As a consequence, more money to the business or store may come from now on sales increase, and there be prosperity in my life in the name of Jesus Christ.

Amen, and thank God!

Prayer to sell or rent a property, or land

By the powers of heaven, earth, and sea, all my dreams will come true! (Pray 3x)

By the water that permeates everything, by the earth that forms everything, by the air that clears everything, by the fire that transforms everything, that I reach without delay what I most desire now in this prayer. I come to ask to sell or rent my house immediately, as soon as possible.

St. Peter, with his powerful key, open the door of my house where it can be seen with the eyes of good, and with his protection, to be chosen and bought. Must be for the just price that I have determined, and I will pray much that with this value in purchasing my new house.

Praise Jesus Christ, forever be praised!

Prayer for commercial prosperity

God, thank you very much for having sent your many guardian spirits to this shop today to call many customers here. They gave me motivation, love, strength, and help to work and do my best in the business always.

St. Michael, in this prayer from the salesman, I thank you, for having guided us to work as well as to believe in the happiness of many people. I wish that the glory of God may enlighten all the customers of this store, or business, guiding them so that they may always be healthy, happy, and prosperous moments.

Many thanks, My God!

I will pray on this day that I may sell more in my business.

Prayer to attract customers, urgent

Oh, my God, baby! With all respect and faith, I place myself in your Sovereign presence and pray the salesperson’s prayer to ask the Lord to bless all areas of my life for prosperity and love and answer this my humble prayer to attract more customers.

My God, Most High! In the name of Jesus, have mercy on me, forgive all my sins. I need you to pour out powerfully on my business, my professional life as the financial one, more confidence, enthusiasm, optimism, positive thoughts, patience, wisdom, and love for me to treat with all respect, justice, honesty, and education, and help, all my current, and future buyers.

My God, Beloved! This prayer is for you to enter with all your strength and power into my business, my street, my company, my home, my building, my floor, my living room, my project, my enterprise, my shop, my representation, my workshop, my salon, my commerce, my industry, and to powerfully remove from there, the problems, all envy, fat eye, lack of quality, crisis, closed doors, lack of creativity, lack of daring, evil eyes, unfair price, lack of faith, comfort, negativity, lack of confidence, laziness, barriers, us, impediments, rejection, lack of organization, dishonesty, slander, betrayal, infidelity, negative propaganda, defamation, lack of enthusiasm, obstacles, sadness, confusion, sorcery, witchcraft, black magic, voodoo, macumba, moorings, sympathies, prayers of evil and all of the work or influence of the forces of evil, who were mentalized, desired and sent into my professional and financial life to be against and close the doors on my prosperity and money and making good people avoid, walk away or disappear from all my business.

Eternal Father! Please send your Holy Spirit into my life so that He may shower upon me His beautiful blessings. His help, increase my faith, give me wisdom, intelligence, ease of communication, joy, sympathy, charisma, free and open all areas of my professional life, and make work and prosper all my finances richly, every project, business, companies, services, products, industries, client portfolio, contacts, investments, and all my paid activities and thus sell more.

Amen, and thank you!

How to pray to call more customers and increase your sales

First of all, never lose heart. The important thing is always to have motivation so that success is in your life every day. When something goes wrong, don’t get desperate, because God prepares everything at the right time. You must focus on your goals and see a promising future.

As in any prayer to increase sales and attract customers, speak from the heart, and not with memorized words. God knows what is going on inside you and knows your basic needs. Think about everything you have achieved in your life, your success, the friends you have, the customers you have won.

Choose a time to speak with the Creator, with fervor, and you will have what is worthy of you. Learn to understand the word NO in your life, and for sure, it will be easier to overcome the obstacles that arise. The secret of faith lies in understanding the problems that life imposes upon us and the awareness that everything will be overcome.

You go through many obstacles, and surely your great faith in God will help you at all times. Ask God for patience in dealing with difficult people, because you meet clients and colleagues of different personalities. Virtue patience is essential for any professional, remember that!


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