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Saints Prayers

Many entrust themselves to the divinity of the Saints because, in life, they were ordinary people like us who lived together in a Christian way and put God’s teachings into practice.

Touched by the hand of God to bring his teachings to all his people, felt with the gift of performing miracles, even after their deaths, they continue to perform miracles to every devout heart.

Merciful and benevolent saints, they were dedicated to the protection of the people who are devoted and faithful to God. Each saint is the patron of a different purpose, but every one of them has the same purpose, the protection of all the people who live in the world.

With this prayer, ask for mercy and forgiveness for all sins committed with full repentance, so all the Saints may intercede for you and hear the prayers of a pure heart and true repentance.

A life of humility and simplicity was what they left us as a legacy, to try to follow in their footsteps for God’s grace, to give and receive love to those who need it most will always be their legacy.


Prayers of Saints


Prayer to all Saints

Protectors of the sacred word of God, they are patrons with mercy and benevolence to the faithful believers of Jesus Christ on the right path to the kingdom of heaven.

St. Benedict, glorious and protector, you who take care of all the helpless, cover me with your divine grace. Take away from me those people who only want to see me defeated, from evil deeds. O good servant of Christ, do not depart from me, do not forsake me.

Holy Warrior, servant of God, St. Expeditus; grant me courage, calm, and strength, listen to my supplications, Sovereign lifeguard. Please help me in times of despair, bring peace to me again.

Benevolent St. Anthony; you who do not refuse to grant the three graces that the Lord gave you, to find the lost things, to remember the forgotten and to accept the proposals.

Blessed is St. George; protect me with your mantle, and I will walk through the seas every day of my life. I entrust myself to your protection; I won’t fall, I won’t lose.

From the light you received your name St. Lucy; take me to the divine light, protect me from darkness and sin so I may enjoy the eternal life of our Lord God from Heaven.



Every Saint has his cause

Since the purpose of every good servant to the cause of God, a prayer of protection and wisdom is always welcome into the hearts of the fervent believers of the Lord Almighty.

A prayer with a purpose for a cause, the merciful benevolence of each of them to intercede for all of us, for our welfare, for our penances and prayers, and to guide us with their words of encouragement to the path of Christian righteousness.

St. Benedict, a saint of protection, entrust your life to the grace of this glorious messenger of God. St. Expeditus of the emergency causes, you helped in the moments of any difficulty.

St. Anthony, for cases of love, entrust your prayers with faith so you can find the love you always looked.

St. George patron of the protection of every devotee made in the kingdom of heaven. St. Lucy defender of her devotees of the kingdom of darkness.