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Prayer for sadness and discouragement

trying to cheer up

Human beings are not static, so it is perfectly reasonable that there are many moments in life when negative feelings such as discouragement or sadness take hold of us and make us feel that we are failures who have not achieved anything good in life, even if that is not true.

This is where we must seek the help of the person who loves us most in the world: Our Savior Jesus Christ.

If that’s the situation you’re going through, you don’t have to feel bad.

Just resort to these beautiful and powerful prayers that will make you feel renewed and ready to face all the battles that you will cross on the way. Be strong and move on.


😔 Prayer against discouragement

Today is one of those days when there are absolutely nothing and no one capable of elevating my spirits.

It’s such a big problem that I feel like I can’t stop thinking about what I did wrong and why things didn’t work out the way I planned from the start.

After having meditated on it for a long time, I realized that there is the only one who can dispel my discouragement and make me smile again, you, my great Heavenly Father, who keeps sin from the world.

You were the only being in the world who could make me happy again when I was sadder and unhappier, so I know that will not be the exception.

You’ve never left me alone in the face of adversity, and I know you won’t do it now that I need you most.

It is in his formidable power and luminous presence that I trust more and the only certainty of my life. You won’t fail me. He never did.



😢 Prayer to take the sadness out of the heart

The sadness which now invades me cannot be compared to anything I have ever felt in my life. The knot in my throat won’t let me swallow, and I don’t know what to do to end the suffering that afflicts my heart.

That’s where you come in, My Beloved Savior, Our Lord Jesus Christ, and Heavenly Father.

You were always my highest and only consolation when everyone left, and I am left alone amid so much darkness and darkness.

I, therefore, know that you will take me out of this sadness so deep that it invades my soul and will lift me from the ashes which give after so many tears.



Can these prayers make us feel better?

smile at sadness

Prayers do not heal deep mental and emotional disturbances which may be causing discouragement and constant sadness in those who suffer them, but they can give some comfort in knowing that the parish person may be heard by the one who loves him most and that he would give his life for him a thousand times, if necessary.