Prayer to remove warts

Ask God, with this powerful prayer, to help you remove that ugly wart that has been bothering you for so long. Get rid of warts now!

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Warts are small lesions that appear on the skin, there are many types of them, and most are harmless to our health.

However, this pathology bothers us aesthetically, as they usually appear on the hands, face, forehead, and even the intimate parts, causing low self-esteem.

There are different ways to eliminate warts; one of them is to go to the dermatologist. But you can also say a prayer to remove warts just as you can make a spell.

Prayer is powerful, and there’s nothing our heavenly Father can’t handle. We must have faith and be sure that He will help us fulfill this desire to remove warts.

Speak to God, let Him know your problem, don’t get tired of asking for it, but also thank Him for the works He does day after day in your life, only then can we see His blessings and graces.

Prayer to get rid of warts

God of the universe, at this hour, I find myself begging for your presence because only you, Lord, can make it possible for me to enjoy good health. I ask you, Lord, to intervene in my body and eliminate any trace of wart that, as it appeared, disappears.

Lord Almighty, in your hands, I place this evil that afflicts me because the presence of this wart in my body bothers and makes me feel bad. Cleanse me from all sin, Lord. Please help me to remedy this discomfort that accompanies me and which manifests itself in the form of warts.

Once again, I come to pray for your mercy and take from my body what infects my skin, only you with your power can do this to relieve me. You are my only hope, my savior, I turn to you in body and soul to be healed.

With this evil, I have known the fragility of my body, have mercy, Lord, on those of us who are weak in health. Make the treatments the doctor prescribed for me work quickly so that I can improve.

Cover me with your sacred cloak and put it on me to heal and remove this injury from my skin. Accompany me, sir, cleanse my soul of all evil, make these warts disappear from my body. I will be infinitely grateful and honor you always.


Spells to remove warts

Although they have no scientific basis, some have made spells to remove warts, and have succeeded.

  • Buried banana peel: After passing the banana peel at the wart spot several times a day, its skin should be buried in a garden, pot or anthill.
  • Bacon: Pass a piece of bacon on warts and then throw the piece of bacon on an anthill. As the ants eat the bacon, warts will fall out.
  • Coin: Pass a coin of any value over their warts and then throw the coin on the ground. Warts will fall over time.
  • Holy water: Make holy water drip on the wart for about ten days. After the holy water has dripped on the wart, place a piece of adhesive tape on it. The principle is similar to that of tape. Only it takes a pinch of faith.
  • Salt: Heat the salt in a spoon and put it on the oldest wart you have, in the morning and fasting, for three consecutive days.


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