Prayer for reconciliation

Even if you are a distant couple, a mother upset with her child, or have distanced yourselves from God, and this prayer will help reconciliation.

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Prayers for reconciliation

This prayer for family reconciliation is because sometimes in life, we go through periods when our mind is clouded by negative and dark thoughts, where there seems to be no way out.

We feel that we have fallen into a dark abyss that robs us of happiness, energy, and love. We fall so fast that we don’t even notice until we touch the deep, dark, cold, and lonely bottom.

It is when we are in this depth, completely alone, that we realize that, in the fall, we remove from our lives the people we love the most.

In our suffering, we are so affected that we do not realize that we have hurt and driven away from the people who have tried to help us, those who have always offered us their hand to rise again and show us the path of light.

Is it possible to recover a relationship with a person with whom we have lost contact? What should we do to find her again? Can we turn to God even when we have distanced ourselves from him?

You will find the answer to these questions in your soul, and you will know that turning to God is possible with this prayer for immediate reconciliation.

Prayer for immediate couple reconciliation

My God! I pray this prayer with my feelings on the surface because I witnessed the wear and tear of my relationship.

Father, who has always been able to support me in moments of weakness and problems, who accompanies me when I am in my worst moments, I ask you, God, in this powerful prayer for the immediate reconciliation of love (putting the initials of the couple’s names).

Our relationship, marriage, is falling apart, we do not have a good coexistence, it is all fights, much contempt, intrigue, and sadness, I am devastated and with many sorrows.

Habit and routine have become our worst enemies. Little by little, the knowledge of each other, the complicity, which was to unite us, makes us distance ourselves to the point where it seems that we are no longer needed for each other.

I ask you, God, guardian angel, to be able to recover the communication that we both lost some time ago, to reconcile us and bring us much harmony, and that we stop listening to what hurts us, to jealousy, envy, the leading cause of our distance.

Show my partner reconciliation Lord, speak my name in the ear, and that we still love each other and that we must make peace.

Remind him of the love he feels for me and let him return to my soul and spirit. Strengthen the bond that surrounds us, the thread that unites us. (initial names)

God, I implore you in this prayer, may our union recover our peace. Enlighten the way for the meeting and the reconciliation of hearts.

Give us the gift of forgiveness and allow us to listen to our fears and to listen to our angels so that we may seek a solution.

Amen Michael the Archangel! Gabriel and Raphael!

Prayer for reconciliation with God

God, you are the Creator of the whole universe. With your love, you created humans in your image and likeness. However, when we let the Devil seduce ourselves, we fall into original sin and become imperfect beings with weaknesses beyond those you can heal.

I have been a sinner, Lord!

I have let myself be carried away by self-centeredness, I have focused only on myself, on greed, quarrels, and anger, and I have completely forgotten your teachings to couples and your path of goodness. I have driven you away from me, Lord, and this is something for which I shall never forgive myself.

However, I know that you are a being of light who forgives the sins of all your children. I ask through this strong prayer, Lord, that you must forgive me for all the harm I have caused you.

I promise I will never take you away from me again.

I promise not to forget the content of your teachings, to keep them in my mind, even in the weakest moment.

You are my light and my way forward, your hand will be capable of everything, and that will not change from now on.

Sin cannot take care of me because by praying, I have no room for it. I ask you, Father, to receive me with open arms as always, with your powers and your strength. I never promise again to doubt your goodness or your power.


Prayer for reconciliation between mother and son

Dear Jesus Christ. Yours is my faith and love. You have shown your unconditional love continuously, so I ask for your help and listen to this prayer to recover the relationship I have with my son.

We have distanced ourselves, Lord, and I don’t know how to return the friendship, trust that we had.

My son, the most important person in my life, has distanced himself from me and rejected me ultimately. I’m not talented in his daily life, and I only play an honorary role as a mother.

I pray, Lord, that you bring him back home, that you remind him of the nest of love and understanding in which he grew up.

Make my home a place where he feels comfortable, loved, and respected.

I know I have gone too far in my rejection of the things he loves and has not paid attention to him. I’ve thought about it. I ask you to forgive me. I realize that I have nothing to fear because I created him with good manners and customs. He is the right person and does not harm anyone.

Allow me, Father, to change my thoughts, the motives are unimaginable, remove this inferiority complex, remove jealousy and rancor from my world.

Make the desire for understanding of reconciliation greater between this mother and her children. I implore you again with my soul, strength, and mother’s will.

Amen in the name of God!

The first step towards reconciliation

No matter what happened to distance both people, no matter if it is between relatives or a partner, we will use the key to start the reconciliation process that is forgiveness and much love.

Our Father forgives everything and wants you to make room in your heart for this gift.

Only then will you be able to make peace with the situations that bother you, the people who hurt you and even bring those who despised you closer.

Allow yourself to forgive and ask the guardian angel to give you love and to show you courage, for you to ask forgiveness from those you have done wrong.


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