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Prayer for Rain


Rain is vital for life, so it is crucial that in our landfall frequently, but with caution because excess can bring floods and cause disasters.

There are days when the heat becomes unbearable, and we need a few drops from the sky to cool us down. On the other hand, we have agriculture and living beings that need water to survive. God being able to make everything possible, we can ask Him through prayer for rain to grant us the desire.

Through prayer, with which we communicate with our Lord, we can ask Him to send us the rain to benefit all living beings. It is enough to trust that he will help us.

Rain is essential for life on our planet earth, both for human beings and other species and living beings. Its absence can make it destructive due to a lack of hydration in the soil.

Therefore, when you pray, don’t forget to ask for it with faith and the heart; this will make your prayers heard faster by Jesus Christ.


Prayer for abundant rain in drought

God, creator of the universe and bearer of all that the earth has, creator of water and rain, today I come to you because I know that your mission is to protect the land. I ask you to grant us the favor of water falling from the sky so living beings can survive.

My creator, I long for your presence to allow rain, you are the one who can achieve it, my beloved. I believe in your power and your mercy, send us soon and without delay abundant water to benefit us all on earth.

Heavenly Father, you promised to listen to the one who asks you for favor with faith. For that reason, I implore you with the strength and confidence to send us the blessing of the rain on our fields and cities.

Have pity and mercy send rain so there will be no more fires in our land. We are attentive to all our things, at the same time that the weaknesses we pass over them, and in your hands, we leave all.

The image I have in mind of you is that you are a being to be admired, and I want to have the work that I get to get more benefits from natural riches. Let the water come to us as a blessing from heaven, through Jesus Christ, our Savior. Amen.