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Protection Prayers

Every being on earth deserves God’s protection, for it was He who put us on this earthly site to live together each day in harmony as brothers and sons of His creation.

With this prayer, we commemorate God’s benevolence, his divine grace, his goodness, simplicity, and mercy towards us who are his children, protecting you from the evil that is coming upon you.

Blessed are the Archangels who, by divine order, are in charge of watching over the protection of their servants, of removing them from the evil path and of keeping them away from any evil that wants to absorb them in the obscurity of darkness.

Archangel Michael protector of God’s designs, who in the jaws of darkness defeated evil, the prince of darkness, who longed for the destruction of God’s children through sin.

A prayer done with sincere faith will protect you, your family, and friends from any evil around you. You will receive divine protection from God and Archangels who in their condition of grace will cover you from the eye of darkness.


Player of Blessing

🛡 Protection prayers


🛡 Prayer of divine protection

O beloved Almighty God, I thank You for one more day of life and enjoy the hours I will live today, and the greatness of Your beautiful creation.

Without you, My Lord, I feel like a sheep lost from the flock, protect me in my hours of sleep, and in my day by day. Protect me from misfortune, enlighten me, cover me with the blood of Christ, and protect me.

O glorious Archangels, may they shelter us in their hands and their grace give us strength day by day. For his clemency, we ask with humility, to free ourselves from all evil from those who want to harm us.

You who are in charge of protecting God’s designs, I beg you, Archangel Michael, protection from those who want to see me defeated, defend me in the armor of God.

Please give me strength and wisdom to overcome obstacles, and free myself from their claws, defend me from the infernal dragon unleashed and its malevolent envoys. With joy and love, I will be grateful for your divine protection.

I raise my voice in supplication full of sincere hope that you protect my family, my friends, and relatives, that nothing terrible happens to us under your heavenly mantle until the descent of our last days. Oh, benevolent Father and Holy Creator. Amen.


A Divine Protection for God’s Servants

God, the giver of life, can only grant divine protection to those who deserve his divine grace, to those who need it most, to those who in their moment of helplessness need the breath to guide their steps.

Prayers that will serve for the protection of ourselves and those around us, watching over the welfare of every servant of God. A prayer pronounced with much faith and devotion, will be executed and wielded by our Lord God.

Pray to Archangel Michael for protection. He is commissioned by God and his divine messenger, charged with protecting the designs of our Lord. Guide your way and protect from all evil that tries to turn you away from the idea of good, the direction of Almighty God has chosen for you.

Watch over you in the nights of loneliness, in moments of sadness, in the most afflicted moments of your life and will give you the strength to move forward, overcome and remove all obstacles that cross your path.