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A powerful prayer for a pregnant woman

pregnant woman

If you ask the women around you what is the best phase of their lives, most of them will undoubtedly tell you what pregnancy is. It is the stage at which a woman completes her journey to maturity and interpenetrates with her femininity and motherhood.

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the best phase of a woman’s life, but it is also a period of many difficulties in which her body and that of her future child are susceptible to potentially fatal diseases and problems.

If you are pregnant or know a woman who is pregnant and who needs God’s protection, do not hesitate to go to one of the prayers below.

That is why it is fundamental to turn to God at the most crucial moment of a woman’s life because faith in the Father will achieve divine protection of her body, soul, and spirit, as well as giving her the necessary strength to continue her pregnancy with the best disposition and desire to grow.

🤰 Prayer for pregnant women during childbirth

Oh, my God. You who is the king of heaven and from there, you protect all your children who on earth fulfill your word and your faith. You who are merciful and with Your infinite love, create a protective robe around those most devoted to You.

Today I come to you because the time of childbirth is approaching and I am terrified in my heart, Lord. I always need your divine protection because I know that delivery is the most crucial moment of a baby’s birth.

I ask you to protect me with your sacred mantle and allow me to live natural childbirth without complications that could endanger the life of my son or mine. I am faithful to your word and with much love I have given myself to you, Lord, so today I ask you to listen to my prayer and offer your sacred protection to my body, my soul and my spirit.

Please give me the strength to overcome childbirth and its muscular pains, the patience not to fall into despair. It fills the minds of the medical team that will attend me with the wisdom to act in haste before any difficulty.


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🤰 Prayer for not losing the baby

Merciful God, who loves his children on earth with all his being, who sent his child to the natural world to die for his sins. You are our most excellent protector, for whom I will always be eternally grateful.

Please give me your strength because I’m going through a tough time in my life. My pregnancy is on the right track; my baby is growing strong; my family has given me the necessary support to continue. However, God, I ask you to protect me from all the evil that the malicious people around me want to do to me.

I implore you to allow me to continue my pregnancy and for my child to grow up healthy, secure, without any health or growth problems. Grant me the miracle of being a mother under your shelter, because it was you who gave me the blessing that I carry in my womb today.

Protect my belly with your infinite love, don’t let any disease advance the birth or threaten my baby’s life because it’s my whole life and if something happened to it I wouldn’t know how to go forward. Protect us both, Lord; surely His is the kingdom of the heavens and the sacred protection of men.


🤰 Prayer to protect the baby in the womb

Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Yours is my heart, my soul, and my spirit. You know that I am entirely devoted to you, to your blessing and your teachings, so I come to you in my moments of greatest happiness, but also in those of greatest sadness and difficulty.

Your protection is the only one I desire, Lord; it is Your pure soul which fills me with bliss. I beseech you today and always protect my body and my spirit from all evil that may be waiting for him, for the sins are in the order of the day, and we men are susceptible.

However, today I implore more than anything else for the protection of the baby in my belly, my future son whom I love with all my soul and who wishes to be born healthy, active and with much wisdom in his heart.

Touch my uterus with your blessed hands and let all the mercy that your divine soul has fallen on it so that nothing happens to my baby during the whole course of pregnancy or at the moment of delivery. May your divine grace be in our home and allow us to grow together, as an entity, under your teachings.


🤰 Prayer for the unborn baby

Father, I ask you today for the new life, for the babies that are on the way, for the families that are growing with love, for the anticipation of an experience that will be changed forever with the arrival of a long-awaited child and for the infinite joy that this means for the new families.

Pregnancy and birth are times of considerable uncertainty, doubt, and fear that only the power of the Holy Spirit can calm. Today, I ask you to ask for his mercy and protection in the process of the birth of the child to come.

When we have doubts and fears, I ask you to remind us that you have omnipotent control over all things and that your infinite love will always guide you to protect us from the evils, diseases, and common complications of childbirth.

Give wisdom to the doctors who will attend the birth so that everything will come out smoothly and they can give the first sign of love to the being who is about to come into this world. Protect the woman, the baby, and your family who are ready to start this new adventure.


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Birth: A sacred act that God protects

The Lord wants the best from us at all times and gives us the courage to face each of the challenges He poses on our journey.

Trusting in God’s benevolence and mercy will make you enter into peace with your birth process, help calm nerves and doubts because you will know that the Lord will always accompany you.

Open your heart to God and, in times of greatest despair, use some of the prayers we left behind to focus on making the best effort for the birth of your baby.