Prayer to make him miss me badly

If you want a man to miss you until he can no longer, driving him crazy with love and desire, then this powerful prayer will help you.

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When we miss a person who is not near us, we miss something in our hearts and soul. We have a void that can’t be filled with anything else. Pray the prayer to make a man miss me crazily, so that this can be solved.

And it feels worse, if we add to that the other person doesn’t miss us, God is there for us and also helps us on those occasions when the wounded heart has options for recovery.

If you are going through a similar situation and want someone you love to miss you, you can say this beautiful prayer to make him miss me badly and make sure he comes back before you know it.

Prayer to make him miss you like crazy

Holy Father and Almighty God, there is one person I am in love with my whole being, but we are both too proud to get close to each other to fix anything so that we can be well.

Since I don’t want to stay away from this person for my whole life because I love him, I ask him in this prayer to be crazy about me, (so-name) and on this day, touch his heart so that he decides to come close to me again and so that we can fix everything.

I would like him to come back to me and stay as always, but it is not that easy, my Lord.

That is why I ask you to make him miss me in such a way that he has no choice but to call me or come to me to tell me that he was wrong and that he should not have told me everything he told me. Come to my feet!

I’ve made mistakes too, and I swear I’ll apologize for that, but I want you to give some sign of interest to know that you care about me and that his love for me hasn’t diminished despite the fights.

I need you to touch his heart with your grace and my powerful prayer to his soul in such a way that he has no choice but to come to me so that we can fix things and be together as a couple.

I am terrified every night to think that his last words that were painful reflected what he was seriously considering.

I hope I can get him to communicate and tell me that it is not valid, that everything he said was a product of his anger. And that he misses me passionately, every day, and that our relationship works and we will be together now.

That would make me immensely happy and give me a peace that I know I haven’t experienced yet.

Overcoming pride is not an easy thing, but I am fully convinced that your light will do so, and everything will return to normal.

May he miss me, my Saint Anthony, Saint Cyprian!


Can prayer make someone forget their pride and come back?

Of course, it can! If that person loves you or feels something strong for you, they must, at some point, forget their wounded pride and look to you to solve any problems they may have had.

If that doesn’t happen, it’s because that person wasn’t as interested in your company as you thought. It’s not solved by powerful prayers, offerings, or sympathies in the world.

Someone you love may be upset by an offensive action or comment, but that’s no reason to stop talking to you if he or she is going to get in touch again.

The more intense and faithful you pray, the more likely it is that the being you have sympathy with will be with you again before you realize it.

If it seems like a long time has passed, and this does not happen, do not insist on continuing the relationship, follow your path.

The feeling of love, friendship, affection has to bring human happiness.


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