Prayer to keep one person from another's life

If you are looking for a powerful prayer to take one person away from another quickly and efficiently, you have found it. It is infallible and works.

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We all know how good it is to form interpersonal bonds, and sometimes in your social circle, there may be one person who begins to relate to another and develop a relationship harmful to your life.

If, as time goes by, your friend continues to suffer because of this person, and you realize that the emotional bond that exists between them is more durable than you thought, it is essential that you begin to say prayers to removing one person from another’s life forever.

Prayer to keep a person from another's life

My God! I say this prayer on this day to keep two people away. One far away from the other!

You who listen to the requests of all your children, you who is a good father and know what is right and necessary for each one of us, please give me the tools to help this friend (a) to get away from the one who hurts so much.

I beg you, beloved Father, in the name of Archangel Michael, to give him clarity in his vision, because this person is immersed in smoke that makes his mind clouded and does not allow him to see what the person he is admiring looks like. This being is leaving you with weakness of character and slowly destroying your strength, emotional, and physical stability.

Do not let him continue to suffer in this way, Lord. I know it will be difficult for her (and) to break that bond, but I ask you to teach her to be strong in the face of adversity and that it be right because your will is that we all be happy.

I need you to teach her now, with much faith, a new way, or new paths of love, passion, and good judgment, and to take away any doubt against her (name)

I ask that this person who hurts my friend go as far as possible from where she is.

Do not let him hurt anyone else, Lord. Cleanse your mystical heart on the cross and purify your soul in the blue flame, to give light and power emanate and general well-being and help for others.

Thank you! Amen!

Reasons to push a person away

This prayer aims to ask God to help you to drive away a person who makes a loved one suffer for whom you have much affection but does not realize that due to a friendship or toxic relationship is where all the suffering he has in his life comes from.

Your effectiveness will depend on your constancy, also remember to meditate every day and do it from the heart to make it work, your feelings when praying should be a good faith and positive.

In your moment of encounter with the Lord, in praying this prayer, present all the good intentions that you have in your heart and the always appreciated that you feel for the person who is being severely affected by the other.

Remember not to lose patience; this is a process of constancy and effort. Be persevering, with prayer, faith, and good wishes. So you can solve the emotional problems that are affecting the lives of your loved ones.


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