Prayer for stronger loving relationship

With this prayer, you can ask the Lord to intercede for his love to be strengthened, returning to love as it was in the beginning.

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All couples go through crises that are not always easy to overcome, even the most stable and happy ones you can find in the world. By praying to strengthen his love for me, you will feel stronger to restore your husband’s love.

If this is your current situation, you have nothing to worry about; let God be there for you whenever you need Him.

If you need to communicate with the Creator Father to ask for help in your relationship and to strengthen his feelings, you need to say this prayer to strengthen love, which is very beautiful and to make sure that the Holy Father will hear you.

Prayer to increase his love for me

Dear Holy Father Creator, who makes everything possible with your light and infinite power. I am dating a divine being who makes me immensely happy at every moment that I am beside you; I thank you for that.

I would not like to, and I beg you to make sure that love does not end overnight, like so many couples who seemed so in love.

I know that our relationship is stable and that there is no problem between us. However, I don’t want to wait for it to be in a crisis to resort to you and your infinite power and goodness.

I’m fully convinced that my partner loves me as much as I love him. However, specific arguments have arisen about jealousy, money, bills, routine, children that make me feel a little insecure from time to time.

Not insecure about his love, but about the future functioning of the couple’s relationship, sir, in time, in the long term.

That is why I want you to do the best you can for the love that my partner has for me, or at least to strengthen you in such a way that there is no conflict in the world that we cannot solve it with good kisses, a tender look loaded with a lot of feeling and, a good and sincere conversation.

I do not want the beautiful union that we have to change. However, I want us to be able to face every one of the difficulties that are formed in each courtship and marriage.

Every relationship will have its drawbacks and things that we don’t like each other, so I won’t ask you to make our union a cumulus of perfection. Aside from the fact that I know that it’s not possible, we don’t need that to be happy.

What we need to achieve the highest possible happiness is God’s sympathies so that our love is strong enough to bear everything, even what we thought we could not tolerate.

We have God and complicity at our side. We have the most important of friends and confidants that we can ask of his heart.

When we think that things are not as easy as we thought, we will remember you and the promise we made to pray to stay together above all and everyone.

Never give up that image in your head, to love (the person’s name) for all my life.


Can this prayer solve relationships with problems?

As the original prayer says, every existing relationship has problems that its members must deal with if they want to stay together.

The problem is how much you two are willing to do to overcome these drawbacks to move the relationship forward despite everything.

Know that if there are differences that you both consider irreconcilable, there is no human or divine power, or prayers, to keep you together.

The secret is that it must be something that serves the interest of both partners and want to stay together because nothing works by force.

If the relationship is so worn out and deteriorated that there is no way to fix things, it is better to go straight to the result and let each one follow their path, their own experiences.


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