Prayer for marriage

Do you seek to bless your marriage? Or do you want to do everything possible to save it from the crisis and get peace again?

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To remove the evil from our relations is difficult, but in the hand of the Lord, all things are possible. Let’s pray for marriages.

Without a doubt, the moment we dream of in our lives is marriage. The final union of two souls who love and respect each other, who complement each other in totality and who are destined to be one!

However, sometimes external factors want to intrude on the relationship and spoil it out of envy or pure evil.

He, who taught us that love is the first thing that must reign in our hearts, will lead us to full personal well-being and in the life of a home with the prayer for marriage.

Prayer to bless my marriage

Holy Father, you have shown me on previous occasions the incredible power of your love and your hand, I will be able to accomplish anything.

This time I want to pray for my marriage! I know that my spouse is the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my time on earth, and together we have beautiful moments and form a new family.

We complement each other; we respect each other and, most importantly, we love each other deeply. We share tastes, experiences, dreams, and ambitions, and I know that we are destined for eternity.

That is why, Lord, I ask you to bless us both (name) with your protective mantle. You made us meet among hundreds of souls living in the world, so I know that you have given our love and meeting.

I ask you, Lord, to fill us with deep love, as you profess, and to let us love one another for the rest of our existence.

I pray that you will create a stronger bond than there already is. Only with your divine blessing can we overcome any obstacle that stands in our way.

Let us show spiritually, in these days, how grateful we are to each other. Thank you!


Prayer for marriage restoration

Jesus Christ, son of God, and heir to the kingdom of heaven! Yours is my heart, for there is no one who knows my intentions better than you.

I want to thank you for all the good you have brought to me, you have always made sure that well-being and joy reign in my environment.

However, in recent months I have noticed that my relationship has been haunted by sadness, insecurity, jealousy, and anger.

My husband’s affection and love have diminished, he no longer shows it to me daily, and I am afraid that he wants to end the sacred union that you have blessed.

Help me, Father, to identify in my relationship the problems and the causes of the crisis.

I beg you with all my heart to help us recover the level of the spiritual, mental, and physical union that has characterized us and that we have lost over time.

It gives us the strength to fight. I know that we still love each other deeply and that we simply withdraw because of habit and daily life.

It takes away from us any evil force that contributes to the separation and allows us to get closer.


Prayer to save marriage in crisis

My God! My emotional confidant, I trust you and your word to overcome all the adversities that arise in my life.

I am unfortunate and hopeless because my marriage is falling apart.

I know you’ve witnessed all of our history and the change that has taken place in it. Anger has slowly taken hold of my home, and it all results in aggression.

We no longer seem to be able to understand each other, conversations are scarce, and the time we spend together is short.

It allows us, the Holy Spirit, to recover the love that we had at the beginning of the relationship. By our own decision, this adventure began, and our personalities and ambitions went hand in hand in all familiar paths and situations.

However, along the way, we let daily life and boredom take hold of us, and we moved away from each other.

Christ, the Redeemer, give us patience, wisdom, grace, accept defects, thorns, and challenges, to find together the path of happiness.

Lord Jesus! Show us that we can be as united again as we were at the beginning, that the complicity that characterized us is still there, and that together we can with much more than we imagined.

Allow us in your presence to believe in marriage, and in prayer with you to regain the trust of relationships.


Prayer against jealousy in marriage

Heavenly Father, God in Heaven, yours is the kingdom of love and understanding, and I have dedicated my life to your teachings.

You are the best witness of the goodness that exists in my life, the same one I learned from your example.

I thank you for all the good you have brought into my life, and this time I pray to you because I feel that malicious people want to create misunderstandings in my marriage. There is much negative energy around my sentimental union, and we have been affected by it.

In our marriage, there is no place for lies, and I ask you, God, always to keep them away from us.

I pray, Father, that you will remove from our home any malicious, unfaithful, and unscrupulous person who wants to break up our relationship.

You, Lord, have blessed our marriage, and I know that it provokes anger and envy in the people around me who have not been able to achieve a relationship as good as ours.

Open their eyes and let their goodness reign in their hearts.

All the envy that makes their souls dark disappears and makes them see that with love and understanding, they will be able to find their stable relationship.


Prayer for peace in marriage

Father, I come in prayer on this occasion because I know that you have always heard my prayers and that my words are not in vain.

You have shown me that by communicating with you, I can accomplish things I never imagined before.

I ask you on this occasion, Lord, for our marriage in prayer. I ask you to do everything in your power to make honesty and peace the banner of our union. And may the love we profess as a couple be enough to continue the day with strength and courage.

You have taught us to believe in ourselves. However, sometimes when there is interference outside our relationship. These people want to get in the way and bring disagreements, mistrust, gossip, or battle; I ask you to dispel this negativity.


Give strength to your prayers for marriage

Prayers will be more reliable and more powerful if they are shared between the two.

It is liberating to show God that they are both committed to the relationship and can come together to ask for his blessing, to take the evil out of their lives, or simply to allow them to live their spirituality and romanticism to the full.


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