Prayer for him to want to live with me

You want him to take the next step to live together? Then one thing you can do is this strong prayer that he will decide for good.

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When a coupleโ€™s relationship is already stabilized, and together they have formed a love bond that is impossible to break, is it hard enough to stay away from each other, and will they go crazy missing each other? It is time for prayer for him to come and live with me!

It is at this point that the couple must make one of the most certain decisions in the whole relationship: marriage? Stable union? Or live together?

The life of a couple in the same house is complicated, and it is the final step in deciding whether two people are compatible.

It is not the same relationship in a courtship where the dates are in cinemas or parks, as having to see your lover in good times and bad, in his sad and happy days.

It is in this moment of coexistence that couples have just consolidated their dreams, and the bond of love is strengthened in search of happiness.

What will be the way for him to make the final decision to live together? Is there help for him to take courage?

The word of the Lord always has the answer to everything, pray that he feels that he wants to live with me, urgent and, it may be that the response to his thought comes quickly.

Prayer to live together

Jesus Christ, son of God, and heir to the kingdom of heaven!

I want to thank you for all the good you have brought into my life, for all the teachings you have left me and for my experiences that help me to continue improving.

You are my strength, and that is why today I address you through this prayer to ask you for something extraordinary.

You are a witness to how well I get along with my boyfriend. The love we share for each other is strong; nothing can break it because you taught us true love.

We are a united couple because we both share your teachings.

Together we have had good times and bad times, we have supported each other at all times, and I feel that we are ready to move on to the next step.

I want to live together (name), and I come to you, Lord, with your powers, to help me see this wish fulfilled.

We are ready to formalize a family; I do not doubt that we can understand each other correctly and help each other with domestic tasks.

I ask you, Lord, to allow us to formalize our relationship and will enable us to live happily. And may he feel as he has never felt, the will and the pleasure of married life.

No one knows us as you do. You are before our fears; you are the protector of our souls, so I ask you to allow us to live together under the same roof and feel the will to form the family we have always wanted.


Help you to make the final decision

Although it may seem difficult to understand, many men are afraid to decide to start a family and build a home.

Sometimes this fear is due to social pressure on their shoulders to become the head of the household, who must make all the decisions and fulfill all the needs of a family.

Men, you are afraid of never being free, because it is a feeling that you have never felt. Of you changing as a person, as other women change after marriage. It is normal!

To help you fight your fears and pressure you to decide to live together, tell him that you will be partners, that in your home decisions will be made together. Nobody will take the form of a boss, because you will become an integral family where you both share social responsibilities.

That he will have time with his friends and you with your friends! That jealousy will not ruin your relationship!

May the spirit of grace is in this relationship!

Relieve the social weight of your shoulders!


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