Prayer for him to beg to stay with me

If you have distanced yourselves, but you wish to continue with him, do this prayer that he may implore you today to keep the relationship that unites you.

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The powerful prayer for him to beg to stay with me is essential because all of us at some point in our lives that the being we love so much stopped loving us or never made any case for us, something with which we have to learn to live.

However, we do not have to resign ourselves to things always being like this when we can reverse them with the help of God, our almighty Creator.

If that is what happens to you now, let us present this powerful prayer for man to beg to be with me, which is the most reliable and most powerful thing you can do so that this particular person will not only be always at your side but will also pray and beg to be with you every day.

Prayer for him to beg to stay with me

Dear Savior Father, I am so in love with someone close to me (name). I feel my heart go out of my chest every time I see him.

I have never loved anyone as I love that person, but I don’t know what to do to make them understand me and feel what I feel.

I did my best to make him understand me, but I only got indifference and contempt, which makes me deeply unhappy and sad. So miserable that I even thought about giving up love in my life.

Everyone tells me that more people can love me as much as I deserve, but I only have eyes for that being, who stole my heart.

Since natural resources have served no purpose, I can only draw on their incredible strength and power, Holy Father, with this prayer to beg to stay with me.

You are the only hope I have that my loved one will listen to me and give me a chance to show him that I can make him immensely happy, although I do not think that I will be able to comply with that.

Not only do I want him to love with the same intensity and definitely, but I want him to beg to be with me, even after all the situations he has put me through.

I have no resentment, no envy, no anger, no fear or uncertainty, only sadness.

It may sound selfish, but I don’t want anyone else to exist in his heart and thoughts.

I want him to beg, and I will welcome him into my arms and try to make him as happy as possible. After all, that is what we came into this world for.

I pray that you make that being loved me because you can do anything. Nothing is too high for you, my God.


How long does it take for the person I love to look for me?

It is not possible to estimate how long it will take for the prayer to produce results. What I could recommend is that you try to pray whenever you can and with the highest possible devotion.

In this way, I can almost guarantee that the person you want will come to you as gently as you want.

If you feel that it’s been a long time since you started praying, and you still don’t see tangible results and immediate response from what was promised in it, God may already know that you won’t be as happy with that being as you think.

The Creator God the Father may be clear that this is not the person with whom you will have the full life that you have always dreamed of. It would be advisable for you to start looking elsewhere and not to cling to impossibilities that will only bring you tears and pain.


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