Prayer for him not to break up with me

Are you afraid he'll leave you? Break up your love affair? Then pray this strong prayer that the person you love will continue to love you.

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Prayers for him not to break up with me

When a relationship is going through a critical period, the emotional damage and stress load are high.

If you are already in a relationship that is coming to an end, you will know how steep the road to reconciliation can be.

Are you currently in a similar situation? Fight for your relationship if you still see that there is hope to save it.

You can find the strength to win through prayers. Faith is powerful.

Trusting God for your happiness and the well-being of your relationship will bring the best possible results, especially if you combine the power of prayers with other techniques with marriage therapy and meditation.

Have faith that God hears your prayers and cares for you.

Take the courage and strength to keep your relationship afloat through prayer so that it does not end with me, and allow faith to help you recover love.

Prayer for not breaking up

Dear Jesus Christ, I am now very distressed by an extreme situation in which my relationship as a couple is going through. I will ask you to strengthen me.

Fears and doubts reign in our minds! My thoughts are feeling despair, as never before, for the beloved person (name) who is thinking of ending the relationship.

I ask you, God, to help me understand my partner’s needs. I feel that we are now very far apart, which is preventing us from communicating effectively.

I do not know his feelings, I do not understand his fears, and I ask you, Lord, to help me to understand this extreme situation of tension that we are going through.

I do not know how to solve our problems, Lord, and I ask you to advise me and to be able to see the way forward, to return only to right living.

Open my partner’s eyes so that he, too, can understand my fears. Please help us to understand each other, that I may come to know where we are wrong and improve it.

Lord, let us love as in the beginning. To always want to feel the peace and happiness of our dreams, the sympathies of one with the other, and to have a fear of losing ourselves. I want his love again.

Keep the communication normal and fluid and restore the trust that we lost long ago.

Bring us closer to you, Father, and it will help us to come closer to ourselves.

Amen, my supplications!

Prayer to give up on breaking up with me

By the powers of St. Cyprian and the three black meshes that guard the path of St. Cyprian that (name) give up for good the idea of breaking up with me (name) and never think of breaking up with me again.

May he know from my image that I am the beloved woman, may he be sure and understand, even today, that he will want to be with me.

That he is in love like never before with, name of the person, that he is full of love and his body entire of pleasure.

So it will be so that it will be.

It is done, and it will never be undone.

Thank you, Amen!

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How do you strengthen prayer so he won't leave me?

You must understand that praying to God is not the only thing you must do to solve your problems as a couple.

Although the Lord allows you to see the problems, doubts, and fears of both, you must be the one acting to solve them.

Have the courage and courage to face your fears and admit that you may also have a bit of guilt in the fall of your love.

Embrace God on earth, listen to Him, allow Him to come into your heart and flood your soul with love, like a madman, live longer, go out with friends, have fun, do good deeds, do any favor to anyone who asks you. Change your thoughts. You will become lighter, with a better astral, you will disconnect some of it and call other things.

Like you to adorn yourself, get dressed…

Only then can you regain the strength to fight for the relationship. Listen carefully to your partner, his fears, his failures, his demands.

You will be surprised to learn that you share many of them and that together you can honestly forgive each other and work to overcome adversity.

Do not despair and be patient. Things will be resolved by the hand of the Lord.


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