Prayer to Oya

Do you need to get a job, open paths, ask for protection, or even get a love? Say a powerful prayer to Oya today, and she will help you.

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๐Ÿ˜‡ Oya - Orisha of battle, storms, stormy winds, and lightning
๐ŸŽ‰ Commemoration:
๐Ÿ™Œ Patron: guide of the dead, the ghosts and lead them on their way
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The energy of this lady goddess of battle, storms, stormy winds, and lightning has power in the requests for cleansing, seeking changes in your life, make your prayers and prayers to this Orisha.

Oya has no fear of death. This seems to stem from the fact that she is the Orisha of winds because she is associated with air and breathing. Oya is a fighter, powerful and faithful. Like Shango, she gets choleric when sheโ€™s contradicted. She lives in any wind.

To make her prayers, Oya uses the colors of red and magenta candle. Her symbol is lightning, and her stone the coral.

Every Wednesday is her day, but it is also Saturday.

The Catholic Saint who corresponds is Saint Barbara.

Prayer to Oya for love

Oh! Orisha Oya, from the storms and the lightning, my Lady Saint Barbara, who delivers him who is desperate and anguished, help me in this moment of pain and despair in my life.

I know how powerful and reliable you are. It is stronger than the violence of hurricanes and the power of the sword!

Just as you have the strength to rid the storm, I ask you, dear Orisha, with prayers, bring the sun and guide my steps, make (name of the person) come back to me and stay with me.

Make him/her call me, seek me, and love me. I canโ€™t stand so much despair and anguish in my life anymore.

I know I donโ€™t have the strength or the power to win this grace alone. That is why I humbly beg you, Oya, help me in this moment of so much pain and suffering.

Help me to achieve this grace so that I can increase my faith and be aware of how powerful and miraculous it is, and I will have thanks for you forever.

Intercede to God the Father, your son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit on my behalf, Orisha Oya!

I know you can do it! Bring (name) close to me again!

Free me from this suffering, so that every time this prayer is read by someone desperate and afflicted, it will become stronger.

That is why I will transmit your prayers to the four corners of the world, asking my Orisha Oya, to grant me this grace.

Thanks, Oya! Epa hei Oyรก!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown

Prayer to Oya to open doors

My Oya, Orisha, mother, and lady of the winds and storms, of the afflicted hours and lost souls!

Please open my ways, with your powers for work, love, and family.

Powerful divinity of divinities, for the sake of the designs of fallen children without north and will.

Pity for us, creatures who live, on the edge of temptations, of abysses, alien to Father Olorum!

Mother, lend us your decision and your courage, for the encounter of our being.

Please give us a roadmap of hope and triumph.

Eradicate the poverty of our feelings, guide us towards the truth, within the path of devotion to the supreme giver.

Encourage us, the lady of lightning, so that our mind may follow only one direction: to love Olorum.

รŠparrei Orisha Oya!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown

Prayer to Oya for protection

Oh! Glorious my warrior mother, owner of the storms, and the winds.

Protect my family and me from evil spirits.

That they may not have the strength to hinder my journey,

And donโ€™t take my light and my fire.

Help me that the malicious people, the falsehood, the dishonesty, do not destroy my peace of mind.

Mother Oya, cover me with your sacred cloak and take with the strength of your winds, everything that is no good far from my life.

Help me in the union of loved ones, so that envy does not destroy what is in our hearts.

Mother Oya, in you, I believe and trust!

So be it, and so be it!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown

Prayer to Oya to get a job

Epa Hei, my mother, Oya!

Please show me the truth, the way, and life!

Get me out of this crossroads.

Please open my eyes more and show me the face of your enemies!

Take from me those who only want to harm me.

Take away the envy, the evil eye, the evil.

Please, my mother, Oya.

Bring prosperity again!

Bless those by my side who loves me, and I love them.

Take more care of my family, and let me get a job.

Bring evil to the storm with its winds.

Let no action fall upon my life or that of those who are dear to me.

Epa Hey, My Mother Oya!

๐Ÿ“ƒ Author Unknown


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