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Our Lady Prayers

She was chosen by God to bear the grace of her son Jesus Christ in her womb, to be the mother of Christ the Redeemer, the Savior of all of us who delivered us from all mortal sin. Queen and benevolent mother who saw her only son die and yet did not lose her faith.

The Virgin Mary, as we know her, throughout history has made many apparitions in different parts of the world, leaving as a message to follow the teachings that God left us.

In this prayer, the benevolence and faith that Our Lady has for us her children, we are grateful for the protection she has given us, and the calm she has placed in us.

The help of the Christians, we can find a refuge in their prayers, you will feel consecrated in body, mind, soul, in your whole being. Interceding to obtain the grace you ask for with a heart full of faith.


πŸ‘© Prayer to Our Lady

O Blessed Virgin! You who were chosen among all women to bring us to the savior of our sins. O blessed be my mother, true mother, pious mother, do not forsake me and enlighten me with your spiritual light.

Blessed Lady Immaculate of Guadalupe, fill my soul with peace, justice, and prosperity. Give strength to my heart, to this faithful servant of yours to overcome the adversities and torments that hinder my path, guide me Most Holy Virgin by way of light.

Splendorous and beloved mother, Our Lady of Mount Carmel; protector of all who suffers, we venerate you in your miraculous devotion. Watch our steps on earth so we can walk into the kingdom of heaven.

Holy Mother of God, Our Lady of Fatima! In your most holy hands I place my faith and my destiny, you who listen to the petitions of us your faithful devotees and illuminate the path of infants guide them towards true faith and love of God.

Our Lady of Peace, splendid Virgin untie knots; grant me your company at all times. Untie the knot of anger, fears, and fears, insecurities, greed, every feeling of evil that I have in me and fill it with your loving Virgin harmony.


The Mercy of the Holy Mary, Our Lady

With this prayer, we hope that you will reach the grace of Our Lady Mother and listen to the supplications that the devout faithful implore of her.

With a repentant heart, clean and free from sin, ask for the supplications that most afflict your mind, the mortifications of your day today. Clarify your soul, implore mercy, thank the goodness that the Virgin Mary spreads in the hearts of her faithful.