Prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Do you have problems in the family, at work, or in love? If so, make your request with this prayer to Our Lady of Knots for everything to be resolved.

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Prayers to Our Lady Undoer of Knots

😇 Our Lady of the Knots - Mary of the Knots
🎉 Commemoration:

Her original name is Our Lady of Knotenlöserin. However, for her faithful devotees, she is the Blessed Lady Disengaging Us, whom believers see when they are immersed in family difficulties or personal needs.

She is also known for giving help in solving problems that take them away from God’s love, such as addictions or any misfortune that fills us with sadness.

The Blessed Virgin, the patroness of families, is known for undoing all the knots that take us away from peace, truth, and joy.

There are several miracles that the prayer to Our Lady of the Undoing of Knots has performed for those who have prayed with love and devotion for a solution to their problems. It alleviated the sorrows of mothers who prayed for their children, healed the hearts of fathers, and solved the problems of those most devoted to her.

Consecration Prayer to Our Lady Undoer of Knots

Virgin Mary, Mother of beautiful love, Mother who never stops coming to the aid of an afflicted child, Mother whose hands never stop serving her beloved children, because they are moved by divine love and the immense mercy that exists in your heart, turn your compassionate gaze upon me and see the tangle of us that is in my life.

You, Mother, who knows this despair, my pain, and how much I am tied because of these knots. Mary, Mother, whom God has entrusted to untie the knots of her children’s lives, I entrust this prayer to you today and the ribbon of my life in your hands.

No one, not even the evil one, can take it from your precious support. In your hands, no knot cannot be undone. Mighty Mother, by your grace and your power, intercede with your Son and my Liberator, Jesus, to receive this knot into your hands today.

I ask You to untie them for the glory of God, and forever and ever.

You are my hope. O, my Lady, you are my only God-given consolation, the strength of my weak forces, the wealth of my miseries, the freedom, with Christ, of my chains.

Hear my supplication. Guard me, guide me, protect me, O safe refuge!

Mary, Tearer of Knots, pray for me!

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Prayer to Our Lady Untie the Knots of the Family

Oh! Our Lady, who loosens the knots, Holy Mary, who listens to her believers, who loosens the knots that torment their lost and distressed hearts.

She fills us with the grace and love of God, she enlightens us with her Holy Presence and that of the Holy Jesus and helps this pain that penetrates our hearts to disappear with His divine grace.

I, who beseech you, Holy Mother, who suffer because I am flesh vulnerable to sin, I surrender myself into prayers in your hands, listen to me with your infinite mercy, free myself from the sin of the devil.

Help me to move away from the vices, from the corruption that is tearing my soul apart today, and that does not allow me to see the way to the divine, to the glory of the Holy God.

My heart weighs and hurts in my chest. It is full of guilt and sadness for not being able to untie the knot that keeps me sinful before your eyes and the eyes of the Holy Lord. This is why I am asking you to help me free my heart in this prayer.

Our Lady, Most Holy Untie Knots of the Family, direct your gaze to this humble servant who only wants to approach your divine grace and be under the protection of the Holy Lord, helping me to free myself from this knot that ties me.

Help my family too, who at this moment are fighting against darkness, who also have knots that imprison their hearts and fill them with pain.

I ask you, in this prayer, Mother, to intercede for my family, for the flesh of my flesh. Please help us to reach your divine grace.

Amen Holy Mary! Amen Jesus, your son!

To untie the strongest knots

If you are going through a personal situation that, at this moment, holds your heart prisoner and needs help, only Our Lady will hear your prayers.

Or if, on the contrary, it is your family that is at a critical moment, or if you are afflicted by some vice that does not allow you to approach the glory of the Lord, ask in prayer Our Lady who unravels knots to intercede for them.

Only faith and devotion to her will make prayer dissolve the knots that are most firmly rooted in her heart.


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