Prayer Our Lady, Take Over

If you need to open your paths or receive divine protection, pray the prayer, Mary passes in front of you so that she protects you with her power right now.

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Feeling weak and needing a push when your soul is weakening is normal. We all go through this period when we think our life slip through our fingers and are not able to hold it with one firm hand.

No doubt, talking to God and our Eternal Mother through the presence and prayer of Mary Passes By will help us find the peace of mind we needed when you feel that you can no longer, leave your life in the hands of the Lord and allow Him to decide for a short time the best path in your life.

The power of holy prayer to the Virgin Mary has no limits. Praying to God, to Jesus Christ, to the Mother and Virgin Mary, or the Holy Spirit will help us to establish ourselves. It will share the decisions with a firm step ahead of us.

Turn to the next prayer to Mary, pass in front of her, and she will take care and share doors. Allow her to take control of your life and your decisions so that you have time to heal your soul and your spirit.

Prayer Our Lady, Take Over

Mary passes in front and opens roads and paths. Opening doors and gates. Opening houses and hearts.

The mother goes ahead. The children are protected and follow her steps.

Mary passes in front and resolves all that we are unable to resolve.

The mother takes care of everything that is not within our reach. You have the powers for that!

Mother, go on calming, serenading, and taming hearts. End the hatred, the grudges, the sorrows, and the curses! End the hardships, the sadness, and the temptations. Take your children out of perdition!

Mary, you are Mother and also Gatekeeper.

Mary passes in front and takes care of all the details, takes responsibility, helps and protects all Your children.

Mary, I ask you: pass on! Drive, help, and heal the children who need you. No one has been disappointed after invoking your protection.

Only the Lady, with the power of your Son, Jesus, can resolve the difficult and impossible things.

Our Lady, I pray to ask for your protection!


📃 Author Dennis Bourgerie

Mother of Christ, may his mercy be done

The Lady Mother of Christ loves us all as if we were her children. She will be willing to sacrifice herself and make the decisions of her life, guide, and share her steps towards good in God’s way when you feel you can no longer and need a break.


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