Prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary

If you are in a desperate cause for which you cannot find a solution and think that all is lost, then pray to Our Lady of the Rosary.

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😇 Our Lady of the Rosary
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Our Lady of the Rosary is adored by all those who find no healing or relief in their souls and hearts when they face the difficulties of life and the obstacles that the devil places to turn servants away from the light of the Lord.

Let us request with this prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary for desperate causes! With which, you can ask her intercession to solve your problem.

She has been venerated since antiquity, where she made her apparitions to help the victims of wars. With her holy Rosary in her hands, Our Lady taught the soldiers and the sick to pray in times of sorrow, plagues, and conflicts. From there, he became the divine figure of the most desperate cases and for those who had almost no salvation.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Rosary for desperate causes

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, with your protective mantle, you are Mother and Savior of the most unhappy souls.

Today I, your son, come to beg you with these prayers, for my soul, for my position as a humble servant before your divine grace.

To you, whom I pray with infinite devotion, to you, whom I keep in my heart! I ask you to intercede on this occasion for the Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, and to bless me with your grace to combat the vices that do not allow me to approach the light of the Lord.

I ask you to free me from this sin and to fight against the heresies that abound in my heart. Please give me the simplicity of your refuge. My heart and soul are afflicted.

I beg you, Divine Mother, for the Holy Rosary, to bless me because only in this way, with your powerful light, the blessing of God and Jesus, your son, can I finally rest from this problem in my life, which keeps my heart burning with pain and does not let me rest in peace.

I come to you because you are divine and blessed by God, Mother Mary. Only you, with the power of God, Jesus, and your rosary and your infinite grace, can cut at the root the darkness of the problems of my life that have no solution as they will also find light and beauty in your blessings.

To your glory Mary, may I find peace and love in this prayer, mother Mary as I wish and finally move away from the problems.

Because I am desperate and only you, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, can relieve this devout servant who needs your light.


The Rosary sows virtues in the heart

Praying the rosary is an act of devotion that has been taking place for centuries. According to the Catholic Church, whoever prays with faith will not be persecuted by misfortune and, on the day of the final judgment, will be able to enter the kingdom of heaven to enjoy the grace of eternal life. He will be virtuous, pure, and his soul will be saved from purgatory and the flames of hell.

Praying Our Lady of the Rosary teaches us that faith can bring down even the most significant obstacle that the devil places on our front. With hope and, above all, much devotion, you will be able to take from your life what afflicts your heart.


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