Prayer to Our Lady of the Head

If you find yourself with any illness or disease, then entrust your health to the power of prayer to Our Lady of the Head, so that she may cure you.

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😇 Our Lady of the Head
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🙌 Patron: of those suffering from the disease
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Patroness of those who suffer from the illness, Our Lady of the Head, has been venerated and honored for centuries for interceding for the health of those who believe in her.

Her origin goes back to about the fifteenth century when she first appeared to a shepherd on a mountain. The particularity of the parish priest was that he had paralysis in one of his arms, which made his work more and more difficult.

Once he met the image of the Virgin, she performed the miracle of recovering the mobility of her arm and asked him to announce his grace to the people. Thus the story began, and from then on, many devotees ask favors in the name of health for this image of Our Lady of the Head.

Prayer to Our Lady of the Head

Our Lady of the Head, who in her infinite wisdom and mercy, relieves the diseases of my body and heals my soul! Grant me your blessing.

You who reign in love and divinity, save the body of your son who suffers the difficulties of the diseases that mercilessly take hold of his flesh.

You have come to earth to heal the evils of those of us who, unlike you, do not enjoy divine grace and your immensity. That is why I ask you, Mother, have mercy on me.

Put your hand on my feverish skin that finds only relief in your motherly love and shelter. Mother, go to the call of your son who needs healing in life.

May my flesh and spirit enjoy health only because your holy grace is merciful enough for those who suffer! Wash my wounds, Mother, cover them with your love.

Mistress of the Head, who among your children, you are loved and venerated, rejoice, give me the virtue I lack so much and purify me from any impurity than from my head.

For in your grace, Mother, I trust. For in you alone, I find comfort for sorrow in my life and healing for my pain.

Amen to your devotees in this prayer to Our Lady of the Head!

Penance to take effect in prayer

Getting rid of diseases and illnesses in the body is never an easy task, and sometimes praying alone is not enough. For the prayer of the Lady of the Head to affect, to obtain her grace, and to intercede in her life, do penance.

Penance for the Blessed Mother consists in making a novena with prayers for seven days. Make your prayers and converse with the Blessed Virgin and the Lord from the depths of your heart, and ask her to cleanse all the traces of sickness or impurity not only of your body but also of your soul. Only then will you be completely purified.


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