Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Make your request to relieve your pain with this prayer of consecration to Our Lady of Sorrows. It will help you to achieve grace.

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πŸ˜‡ Our Lady of Sorrows
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Our Lady of Sorrows is known to be one of the best-known representations of Mary by the followers of the Catholic Church. It is the representation of Mary’s suffering and pain when she saw her son all over Calvary.

Her image is venerated in Churches all over the world because her face reflects the pain she carries in her heart for all the martyrdom suffered by Our Lord Jesus Christ before going up to heaven to meet the Father.

That is why this Our Lady of Sorrows has become the patroness of those who go through tough and painful times.

You must pray to Our Lady of Sorrows, Mother of Sorrows, and you will hear her call, and give the graces and change you need.

Prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady, Mother of Sorrows, who responded to her son’s call when in tears and blood, she asked for mercy. Mighty one who suffered in her flesh the lashes of Jesus, I implore her. (ask for grace)

Intercede for me with His miraculous cloak of love, that the stones of my heart may become sand before His blessings. Help to calm the storm that does not let this faithful servant rest in peace. Give me hope.

Mother of true pain, you who were able to endure the suffering of your son Jesus, when you saw him suffer on the cross, trusted the Lord with blind faith. Trust in me and teach me to endure sorrows, grief, and suffering without losing hope. Take me, Mother, along this dark road that I walk and from which I see no way out.

For if you point your blessed finger at me, forgive my sins, hear my prayers and miseries, I will be able to rise from ruin, dry my tears, and dispel the darkness in my heart.

May this feeling be bearable through your intercession! Mother and Queen, I beg you to have mercy for the anguish in my heart. (speaking of your needs)

Amen Holy Virgin Mary!

How to make your request to Our Lady of Sorrows

Only those who have a problem that afflicts their hearts and cannot find a way out know that praying to Our Lady is the only solution in times of despair.

Pray with faith asking her to intercede for you and to help you find the peace you so badly need in your life. If you want the prayer to be more productive and elevated to Heaven so that it can be heard, you will have to make a novena to this loving mother.

For a week, you will have to repeat the prayer seven times. Just as she has gone through the seven pains she suffered for her son Jesus, you must do the same for one week so that she can hear your prayers and intercede for you.


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