Prayer to Our Lady of Pity

Our Lady of Pity will always listen to those who are in great need, so do not doubt any longer and turn to her with your prayers.

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πŸ˜‡ Our Lady of Pity
πŸŽ‰ Commemoration:

Our Lady of Pity, also known as Piety, is one of the many representations of the Virgin Mary and whose apparitions have a fascinating history.

The first time she appeared was during the dreams of two anonymous women in a convent. They told us that in their goals, an image of the Virgin appeared to them with the characteristics of piety, but at that time, no one believed them.

The dreams continued until, finally, there was a priest who believed in them and his dreams with Our Lady of Pity, and thus following the clues of the dreams, they found the marble figure of Our Lady in a cave that would be taken to the city.

Prayer to Our Lady of Pity

Oh! Our Lady of Pity, whose full piety you have spread upon the suffering souls of your most needy children, those whose voices are extinguished by pain in life, injustice, sickness, debts, material difficulties, and unemployment.

My Lady, listen to my prayers so that my misfortune may have its intercession and be heeded, in the certainty of your divine grace.

I, Mother, who am only a prisoner of the pains in my body, of despair and difficulties, implore you to intercede for me in my request.

(Make request).

The road to Your light is steep, Mother, but only with Your guide will I be able to travel it without falling into the temptation of sin that lurks in search of my perdition and vices.

Bless me, Mother. Welcome to me, Holy Pity. I want, as your son, to sanctify myself in your arms, in your spirituality and charity, and to raise myself to your faith, in the holiness of God the Father and eternal light.

Please do not leave me alone in the nights and full of the evils of darkness. Touch my soul and save it from perdition.

Have pity, Mistress of my sins, my problems, and my mistakes as Your humble servant, because You alone are perfect, You apart enjoy the grace of our Lord’s mercy.

Look in my direction and pour out your blessing and glory on me. I pray day and night to have merit and peace, Mother!

In the name of the sign of the cross! Amen!

Penance in the name of Our Lady of Pity

Our Lady of Pity receives daily many petitions from her followers because she is known to grant favors to lost souls. However, if you want her request to be valid and to reach the Blessed Virgin, you must do penance so that your soul may be purified, and She may grant you the favor you so long for.

Penance in the name of piety consists of seven days of closing yourself in your room before and praying the prayer to Our Lady of Piety. There must be nothing that bothers you, nothing that interferes with your conversation with Our Lady, or it will not have the same effect. Only in this way will your soul be saved by her divine and infinite grace.


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