Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Ask Our Lady of Perpetual Help, through her infinite mercy and motherly devotion, to protect and give blessings to her children against evil.

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😇 Our Lady of Perpetual Help
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Our Lady of Perpetual Help shows us the Mother’s infinite piety and devotion to her Son. She is known for helping mothers who are going through difficult times with their children or who want the blessing for the children of the house.

In her portraits, she appears carrying in her arms the Child Jesus, blessed and protected by the mantle of maternal love of the Virgin, surrounded by the angels of heaven who celebrate the glory of the Mother and the Son.

At their consecration on June 27, the devotees come to the temples to pray and ask Our Lady of Perpetual Help for the welfare of her children, so that the grace of the Virgin may be with them.

If you want Our Lady’s protective cloak to pour out its blessings on your son, pray with devotion so that you may be heard.

Prayer to Our Lady of Perpetual Help for Children

Dearest Our Lady of Perpetual Help, today I come to you to ask you to pour out your infinite grace on my son. Like you, Mother, there is no one to help the son who asks for a light, the son who always finds himself seeking truth, peace, the way of the love of God our Lord.

Born of my womb, my son shares my blood and my flesh. So glorious is Our Lady of Perpetual Help, that I pray for him. Thus the virtue and grace of God may always abound in his life!

I beseech you to lift them from their fall, to help him when temptations threaten to take him out of his warm motherly cloak. I beg you, dear Mother, to wash away his sins and intercede for him before God’s eyes.

For like your maternal love, there is nothing more immaculate, reliable, pure, and perfect. Because you know that a son is the joy of any mother, so forget my sinful soul, my mistakes, and all the times I let myself be tempted.

I ask you, as a mother, to clarify the heart and thoughts of my son, to always answer the Lord’s call, and to be a good servant who never falls before the devil’s falsehood.

A beloved mother, glorious and blessed, of infinite goodness, bless my son with your divine grace and enlighten his heart before the shadows. I am making this prayer as a request for your intercession, from the bottom of my heart.


How to make your request to Our Lady of Perpetual Help

So that your prayer may be heard and your petition to reach Our Lady of Perpetual Help, pray every night for a consecutive month before going to sleep.

If your child is going through a difficult time or a worrying situation that afflicts his heart, pray with faith and devotion every night. That way, the blessing of Our Lady of Perpetual Help may be poured out on your child, and you may overcome any evil that is tormenting him.

Perform this divine prayer for thirty days without losing faith, and no matter how difficult the problem your child is going through, the Blessed Virgin will come to your call and pour her blessings on that servant of God who needs it so much.


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