Prayer to Our Lady of Penafrancia

You can go to Our Lady of Penafrancia with this prayer to ask for her cure, but always remember to thank her for the miracles granted.

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Prayers to Our Lady of Penafrancia

😇 Our Lady of Penafrancia
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Our Lady of Penafrancia is perhaps one of the invocations of the Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, whose story is fascinating. She dated from around 1600 when her sculpted image was found on a rock by two Spaniards.

The stone-carved image attracted the curiosity of both men while a brilliant halo blinded them while searching for treasures. When they realized that it was the apparition of the Virgin Mary in stone form, they wanted to bring the sculpture to the city, but they couldn’t because it was too heavy.

From that moment on, it was known as Our Lady of Penafrancia, and the devotees began to ask favors of Our Lady.

By praying the prayer to Our Lady of Penafrancia, she can grant hope and graces ranging from healing the body to helping people get married.

If you want to thank Our Lady or ask her for any favor, do it through prayer now.

Prayer of gratitude to Our Lady of Penafrancia

I make this prayer to the Lady of Penafrancia because you are salvation, you are hope, and you are faith for us, your children on earth.

I thank you today for sharing your mercy with us. Because you appeared when we were desperate when in the darkness, we wandered without hope and without being able to find the light in this world of the Lord Jesus!

Virgin, I thank you for giving me your grace and consideration, for loving me with all your heart and blessing me with your word and forgiving me light in the darkest days.

I thank you, Divine Mother, in this prayer you give me all that I am, my blood and every part of my soul because I am yours, I will be yours.

My faith is sincere, and I can only in my prayer Lady of Penafrancia, look at you the most perfect, the most sacred.

Mother, today, I want to thank you for all that you have given me, although I do not deserve your grace to be poured out on me, a sinful servant! Thank you for blessing me every day.

That I may enjoy Your infinite glory for the rest of my days, and when the Lord calls me to His side, may His light accompany me until I reach eternal glory in Paradise.


Prayer to Our Lady of the Penafrancia for healing

I’m hoping that my spirit and my body will be healed, Mother Aparecida. May it be under your mantle that the evils of my flesh may be cured, because only by your will, Our Lady of Penafrancia, will I be relieved.

I ask from the bottom of my heart, Our Lady of Penafrancia, that health may abound in my life, in my body, in my soul, and in all those who are scourged by plagues and diseases.

You who came down from heaven to give us light and peace, grant me this hope so that all diseases may disappear from my life. I beg you, Mother of Jesus!

Because I have no one in the world with your light in my world, your grace is my eternal salvation because, like you, blessed among all mothers, there is nothing more full of healing.

Our Lady of Penafrancia, hear my prayer, save me because my body suffers. May she heal like the wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ on the third day through her divine intercession!

Give me protection in my life in this world, fill me with good health, and to my loved ones whom we believe in praying to Our Lady. That is her word we believe as faithful servants of our Lord.

Love me, Mother, hear me, protect me from this world. I have hope, and I trust in your mercy.


How to make your request to Our Lady of Penafrancia

If you feel you need your connection with Our Lady of Penafrancia to be healthy and pure, then you must say the prayers to her with devotion.

When you go to pray, close your eyes, and recreate the sacred image of the Virgin in your head so that you feel that she is with you, and your words will reach her ears.

The most important thing is that you do not doubt the faith that the Lady has placed in your prayers because the Mother only listens and intercedes for those who dedicate themselves with greater devotion to praise her through prayer.

Dedicate yourself every night to raising your prayer to Our Lady of Penafrancia, and you will see how you will be heard sooner than you imagine.


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