Prayer to Our Lady of Nazareth

Our Lady of Nazareth can intercede for her children, for the sick, for marriage or a bad moment in her life, or in any other situation.

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😇 Our Lady of Nazareth
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If you are a faithful and devoted follower of Our Lady of Nazareth, you can ask her right now for any favor with this prayer so that she can answer you.

Our Lady of Nazareth represents one of the crucial figures of Catholicism and for the faithful believers of the Virgin Mary.

She is a representation of the Virgin Mary. She bears her name because she is the mother of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Hence, the origin of her name.

In the Catholic tradition, she is the divinity to whom we owe respect for having given birth to our Lord on earth and for having heard and seen the angel Gabriel. She has faithful followers around the world. There is no corner where there is not a servant to worship her and ask her intercession.

So if you are going through a difficult time in your life, pray to Our Lady of Nazareth and give your testimony, so that infinite grace may be poured into your life.

Prayer to Our Lady of Nazareth

Praised and glorious be Holy Our Lady, who brings her mercy among all that exists between heaven and earth. You who reign from Paradise, I ask you to intercede for my request before our God.

Our Lady, who sees everything and knows everything, hear my words full of supplications and devotions to you.

Because like you, Our Lady, there is no other in heaven, least of all among us, your children in need, because you who is the queen of queens, I beg you, bless me with your grace and protection.

Dear Saint, with your Angel Gabriel and archangels, give me the strength and courage you had to endure life’s plans.

Come to my call, Lady, and give me strength with your prayers when evil and victim of shadows tempts me.

You, haughty, powerful and omnipotent, hear me, I who am but a servant willing to give you this day my life in exchange for your grace.

Praise be to you, Madam, for all eternity, for the servants who pray the Rosary to you, with faith with their eyes closed.

But listen to me, Madame of Nazareth, I want to rejoice in your protective cloak.


Why request Our Lady of Nazareth?

Of all the deities, Our Lady of Nazareth is the Lady with the most significant number of miracles, according to the Catholic Church. She usually hears the supplication of her children, and the more faith you have in her, the more likely it is that the favor you ask for will be granted.

As the Mother of our Lord, Jesus grants favors to your children knowing that they suffer haunted by darkness and the temptations of evil. So when you feel lost, far from God’s way, or need a favor that will free your heart from sorrow, despair, and misfortunes, pray to her.

If you want to strengthen your prayer, make a novena for forty days every night before you go to sleep to meet the Lady and God more, and your blessing will be poured out on you.

If you prefer, you can pray with the rosary in your novena, light a white candle in a small shrine that you can set up in your home.


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